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Age: 64 Years

Marital Status: Married

Hometown: Gujarat

Abbas Miyanjibhai

Some lesser known facts about Abbas Ramsad

  • Abbas Ramsada is a former Indian Second Class employee of the Government of Gujarat. According to media reports, he served in the Food and Supplies Department of the Government of Gujarat for a long time. On the occasion of Indian Prime Minister on 18th June Narendra ModiOn the 100th birthday of Modi’s mother, he wrote a note on his blog post mentioning the name of his childhood friend Abbas Ramsada and shared some old memories with the readers.
    Narendra Modi with his mother on his 100th birthday

    Narendra Modi with his mother on his 100th birthday

  • Remembering his childhood, Narendra Modi wrote on 18 June 2022,

    After the untimely death of my father’s close friend, who lived in a nearby village, my father brought his friend’s son, Abbas (Ramsada), to our house. He stayed with us and completed his studies. Mother was as affectionate and caring towards Abbas as she was towards all of us brothers and sisters. Every year on Eid, she used to cook his favorite dishes.”

    Narendra Modi with his childhood friend Abbas

    Narendra Modi with his childhood friend Abbas

  • Narendra Modi Talking about his childhood friend, he said that Abbas used to live in a village a little away from his home where very close friends of his father lived. Modi said,

    On festivals, it was common for neighborhood children to come to our house and enjoy Mother’s special preparations.”

  • In a conversation with a media house, one of Narendra Modi’s brothers recalled that Abbas Miyanjibhai Ramsada Momin was like a family member to his family, and that Abbas belonged to Kesimpa village in Mehsana, Gujarat.
  • He said that on the day of Muharram, he used to celebrate the festival by wearing a black shirt. he said,

    Abbas was like a member of the family. On festivals my mother used to cook food for him. I remember the day of Muharram when Muslims used to mourn and wear black… I had a black shirt which Abbas used to wear.”

  • According to media sources, Abbas lives in Sydney with his younger son. His elder son lives in Kheralu tehsil of Mehsana district of Gujarat.
    Information shared by an Indian journalist about Abbas

    Information shared by an Indian journalist about Abbas

  • Narendra Modi Said in his blog that Abbas is the son of a friend of his father, who died untimely. After the death of Abbas’s father, Narendra Modi’s father bought Abbas Bhai their house so that he could continue his studies at his home. Damodardas persuaded the family members of his deceased friend Miyambhai Ramsada to send Abbas to their home to live with his family and continue his studies in Vadnagar. Modi wrote,

    In a way, Abbasbhai used to study while staying in our house. Like all of us children, mother also took great care of Abbasbhai. On Eid, mother used to prepare dishes of her choice for Abbasbhai.

  • In 1973-74, Abbas completed his SSC exams. During this time, Narendra Modi moved from Vadnagar to Ahmedabad and joined the RSS as a full-time pracharak. Narendra Modi’s brother Pankajbhai used to work in the Information Department and Abbas used to work in the Civil Supplies Department of the Government of Gujarat.
  • Abbas has mentioned Narendra Modi in one of his books in which he has said that Modi’s family played an important role in deciding his life and career.
  • In an interaction with the media, one of the PM’s siblings, Prahlad Modi said that Abbas lived with his family for two years and left his home soon after completing his matriculation. Prahlad Modi said,

    Abbas stayed with us for a few years and left after matriculation. He was my brother Pankaj’s classmate.”

  • According to a media source, Kamlesh Trivedi, a trustee of BN High School in Vadnagar in his native village, said in a media interview that the relationship between Narendra Modi and Abbas is well known. Kamlesh Trivedi mentioned that Modi and Abbas attended several school events and programs together after completing their education.
  • In a conversation with the media, Gula Haider, the son of Abbas’s maternal uncle and Gram Panchayat member of his village, it was revealed that Abbas’s father and Narendra Modi Were good friends, and they ran a nearby shop in Vadnagar. He said that Abbas’s father was a tea vendor while Narendra Modi’s father used to sell Bhajiyas. When Abbas’s father died suddenly, it became difficult for him to travel from Kasimpa to Vadnagar. he said,

    Seeing this, Damodar Kaka (Modi’s father) kept Abbas in his house, taught. His mother used to treat Hiraba Abbas like her children.”

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