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Age: 31 Years

Hometown: Varikuntapadu, India

Profession: YouTuber

Adi Reddy

Adi Reddy

Some lesser known facts about Adi Reddy

  • Adi Reddy is an Indian YouTuber influencer, cricket expert and social activist. In September 2022, he came into limelight when he appeared in the Indian reality show Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 as one of its contestants. He is known for being the top fantasy cricket player in Dream11.
    bigg boss telugu season 6.  Adi Reddy on the poster of

    bigg boss telugu season 6. Adi Reddy on the poster of

  • Soon after completing his formal education, Adi Reddy started working as Digital Marketing Analyst at KnowledgeHut Solutions Pvt Ltd Bangalore, Karnataka,
  • On 25 July 2018, Adi Reddy started his own Telugu YouTube channel titled “Movie Crick News”, on which he started uploading videos related to cricket, movies, food and social events. Gradually, his videos on cricket news became popular in the city and started attracting more viewers. Eventually, he became popular with the title of Fantasy Cricket Expert.
  • In the same year, Adi Reddy started uploading videos on the famous Indian reality show Bigg Boss Telugu and started giving his opinion on Bigg Boss Telugu. This brought him a lot of fame in South India and a lot of clients.
  • Reportedly, Adi Reddy was not a huge cricket fan in his childhood but as he became younger, he started loving the game and found himself in domestic cricket matches and fantasy cricket games like Indian Premier League (IPL). which eventually helped them. Earn recognition as the top player on leading fantasy cricket platforms like Dream11, Gamezy, Batball 11, and myfab11. Then, with his precise analysis and in-depth research into the game, Adi Reddy started providing guidance to fantasy cricket players through his YouTube channel and Twitter handle. Many cricket fans started subscribing to his YouTube channel after receiving his expert advice on fantasy cricket games.
    Adi Reddy receiving the Best Fantasy Cricket Expert Award

    Adi Reddy receiving the Best Fantasy Cricket Expert Award

  • When Adi Reddy married Kavita in 2020, he started another YouTube channel with his wife and sister, Naga Lakshmi and titled it ‘Kavita Naga Vlogs’.
    An excerpt from a YouTube video by Adi Reddy's sister

    An excerpt from a YouTube video by Adi Reddy’s sister

  • In 2022, Adi Reddy appeared in the famous Indian reality show ‘Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6’ which was hosted by the veteran South Indian star. Akkineni Nagarjuna,
  • In one of his social media posts, Adi Reddy revealed that his sister is blind and donated Rs 15000 to @SoodFoundation in May 2021. The news was announced by the Indian actor. Sonu Sood on one of his social media accounts and said that the amount he had donated was his five months pension.
    A post by Sonu Sood for Adi Reddy's sister

    A post by Sonu Sood for Adi Reddy’s sister

  • Adi Reddy is often featured in their news articles by several media houses such as Mid Day, Business Standard, The Week, Outlook India, DNA India, Hindustan Times. In August 2021, in an interview with a media house, Adi Reddy revealed ideas on how to run a successful YouTube channel with zero investment.
  • According to Adi Reddy, he likes to travel to distant places, act, play cricket and do photography in his spare time. He is a YouTuber as well as a musician.

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