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Age: 29 Years

Weight: 85kg

Height: 6′

Akash Singh Rajput

profession actor
physical statistics and more
height in feet and inches– 6′
weight in kilograms– 85 kg
eye color dark brown
shirt size Huge
size of jeans 34
Experience • Doing a music video with the Insta reel featuring her singing
• Prakash Jha Web Series – Ashram 1, 2 & 3 as Rocky (2020)
• Excel is entertainment – Mizapur as Dara (2019)
• Grant Show- PORUS on Sony as Hephaestion (2018)
• Movie- Toilet as a Prem Katha reporter (2017)
• With short film Prakash Jha Sir for NALSA (2017)
• Played the role of Raja Manu in “Karmphal Data Sunni” for Colors Channel
• 2 years theater experience in Bhopal (2015-16)
personal life
Date of birth 25 September 1992
Age (as of 2022) 29 years
birth place Sagar (MP)
Email address [email protected]

Akash Singh Rajput

Some lesser known facts about Akash Singh Rajput

  • Akash Singh Rajput is an actor, social worker, singer, dancer and multi-talented person who has big dreams and has created a world record in organizing the world’s biggest cricket tournament by focusing on this aspect.
  • Akash worked hard and got his first break in “Karamphal Data Shani” on Colors TV. Akash Singh Rajput has worked in many films and TV shows. Some of his commendable performances are “Toilet – Ek Prem Katha” and series like “Mirzapur”, “Porus”, “Ashram 1 -2 and 3” and the upcoming fourth part which is yet to come.
    Akash Singh Rajput in Porusi

    Akash Singh Rajput in Porusi

    Ashram 3.  A scene from Akash Singh Rajput

    Ashram 3. A scene from Akash Singh Rajput

    Akash Singh Rajput with Prakash Jha

    Akash Singh Rajput with Prakash Jha

  • He is now making a new video song which will include dancing as well as his singing.
    Akash Singh Rajput with Ganesh Acharya

    Akash Singh Rajput with Ganesh Acharya

  • He has been bestowed with many achievements in life and has even been made a youth icon for the youth of Madhya Pradesh.
  • After studying at Scindia School, he completed his graduation from Christ University, Bangalore. He decided to do MBA from his hometown as he wanted to see the education system and level of education of his place i.e. Sagar.
  • Akash completed his post-graduation from Hari Singh Gour Central University, Sagar, which is the same university where Osho also practiced his studies. He tried his luck in the entertainment industry with a view to making his city proud.
  • Success in the entertainment industry was not that satisfactory for him, despite being an actor, he wanted to bring some revolutions and changes in his state and birthplace. From reels to real life heroes, he became a social worker and started working for the betterment of the society. Akash organized a cricket tournament named “Cricket Mahakumbh” in Sagar district MP and gained recognition at the world level.
  • Akash Singh Rajput received appreciation from all over the world and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan honored him at his residence for taking such a big initiative. The Chief Minister also took to his Twitter account to congratulate him.
  • Akash Singh Rajput not only made his city or state proud, but because of him, today India has been included in the World Book of Records, London for organizing one of the biggest Cricket Mahakumbh tournaments by the Gyanveer Seva Samiti, Surkhi. .
    Akash Singh Rajput with his World Book of Records

    Akash Singh Rajput with his World Book of Records

    Akash Singh Rajput's record

    Akash Singh Rajput’s record

  • Over 6500 players represented 430 teams, and the tournament was held from 1 February 2021 to 12 March 2021. The mission and ambition behind this tournament was to bridge the gap between castes, status and race. He chose cricket as a bridge to connect rural and urban, low and rural and urban, low and upper caste, and rich and poor. Cricket is a sport which is loved by all and has only one religion, which is sport and it is a feeling for the people of India.
  • He has taken many steps to brighten the future of the youth of Madhya Pradesh and even our country. With this tournament, Aakash has changed the lives of many people and has given hope to many who were depressed due to their poverty and limitations of resources. The underprivileged do not have the opportunity and equipment and keeping this in mind all the players have been provided with their equipment including bat/ball and T-shirt. Akash said the mission was to create unity among the community and maintain equality among all types of castes and status quo.
    Akash Singh Rajput with Yogi Adityanath

    Akash Singh Rajput with Yogi Adityanath

    Akash Singh Rajput at an event

    Akash Singh Rajput at an event

  • Many people in rural areas suffer from malnutrition and a balanced diet is essential for an athlete. Gyanveer Sanstha by Akash provided proper diet to those people and gave them a platform to prove themselves. Akash said, since the youth of Punjab and Haryana are representing our country in the Olympics, he would like to support the youth of Madhya Pradesh by providing them an opportunity to represent themselves in the Olympics and broadcast on international platforms. .
  • Akash has been honored with many honors and recognition in the media. The March issue of Global Achievers Magazine was primarily devoted to the story of Akash Singh Rajput and his contribution to the society. Akash has transformed himself into a real hero for the masses by influencing the youth with his work and motivating the youth to try different things. He is a one man army and a multi-tasker with knowledge of sports, music, acting, dance, social worker and a mass leader. He is also a singer and he is going to launch a song soon this year to surprise his fans.
    Akash Singh Rajput walking the ramp at an event

    Akash Singh Rajput walking the ramp at an event

  • Various articles on him have been published in famous magazines and newspapers like:
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    Akash Singh Rajput with Anurag Basu

    Akash Singh Rajput with Anurag Basu

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