Amazon Black Friday Selling Advice For 2022 To Increase Sales

Amazon Black Friday Selling Advice For 2022 To Increase Sales

by Sanju

Black Friday is quickly approaching! And it’s a well-known fact that this day is among the busiest shopping days of the year! On average, US consumers spent $8.9 billion on Black Friday and $10.7 billion on Cyber Monday online (source).

You are passing up a lot of chances to make money if your Amazon store still needs to prepare for this November holiday sale. To help you prepare your Amazon store to manage and successfully make amazing amazon sales, you need the best amazon sales tracker app to help you manage and streamline your selling and revenue processes. 

How long does the Amazon Black Friday sale last? When does it begin? 

On November 25, 2022, Amazon will launch its Black Friday sale. Cyber Monday will follow on November 26, 2022, and it will conclude on November 28. However, many pre- and post-Black Friday specials last for several weeks. 

It’s time to step up your preparation for the November holiday selling if you are an Amazon or e-commerce seller.

Here are selling tactics to help you increase Amazon sales over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Examine Last Year’s Shopping Trends to Recognize Sales Trends: Successful sellers make plans in advance! You need to familiarize yourself with the shopping trends from the previous and current years to make the most of Amazon’s Black Friday offers. 

Find reliable sources that track, report, and analyze consumer shopping trends and retail news. To get their perspectives and insights, talk to both buyers and vendors. You can determine what’s popular in the e-commerce sector by looking at the information above. 

Obtain Enough Inventory to Meet Holiday Demand: Set aside enough products to meet Christmas demand. This is true for the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

  • To determine which goods are doing best and worst, use ABC analysis. 
  • To make a place for the best-selling products, eliminate the products with the worst sales from your inventory. 
  • Stock up on the best-selling items on Amazon for November and December.

You’ll be able to complete all your orders on schedule and please your clients.

Before Black Friday, submit your deals for approval: Before promoting your Black Friday discounts on your listing, they must first receive support on Amazon Seller Central. And it can take a while. Therefore, submit your deals to Amazon Seller Central to ensure they are approved in time for the Black Friday sale.

Qualifications for Amazon’s Black Friday: 

  • Amazon has several requirements for merchants who wish to participate in the Black Friday shopping specials. 
  • The item being sold must be qualified for Prime domestic shipping. 
  • A minimum of 10% off the non-promotional, non-prime member pricing must be discounted. 
  • The prime discount must be less expensive than the ASIN’s 30-day low price. 
  • No rating is allowed if the product doesn’t have at least 3.5 stars.

 Be sure to meet all the requirements before receiving Amazon’s approval. 

Deals Scattered Throughout the Holidays: Deals and promotions are the main focus of Black Friday and Cyber Monday! However, this does not obligate you to limit your sales to Black Friday. 

Competent Amazon sellers know that most Black Friday sales begin well in advance and extend for up to a week. Thanks to Amazon, you may run a variety of deals to increase conversion on your products throughout the holiday shopping season.

Offer a Reduced Price: It’s a well-known fact that today is among the busiest shopping days of the year! The simplest technique to offer discounts throughout the Christmas season and increase sales is, by far, this. Ensure the sale price is less than the most recent ASIN pricing over the previous 30 days. 

Give out coupons: During the Christmas season, coupons are a fantastic way to catch people’s attention. You can specify a budget limit for your coupons. The best thing is that your coupons will be immediately deleted once your budget limit is reached.

Run BXGY (Buy X, Get Y) Offers: Offering BXGY deals on related goods to encourage basket-building is another excellent technique to increase sales during Black Friday. It aids companies in clearing out high-volume inventory and encourages consumers to purchase goods they would not have thought about.

Make Your Product Listings Holiday Search Term-Optimized: Although Amazon prohibits the use of phrases like “discount,” “best,” and “sale” in your listings, you can alter the names and descriptions with seasonal keywords like “gifts,” “party decor,” etc., so you can still have your products optimized for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Make the product description holiday-friendly by optimizing it. Your conversion rate will go up because of this.

Offer free returns and same-day delivery for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals: Holiday consumers have abundant options. The only thing that sets your products apart from your rivals’ competitors may be your offer of free shipping and returns.  

Your Christmas sales will be boosted by providing free shipping and returns, persuading customers to purchase your goods. 

 For sellers, the holiday season may be frantic and competitive. But it also offers a lot of chances to increase your income. See how Amazon fills your wallet during Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts by paying attention to the above mentioned points.

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