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Rushad Rana

About Rushad Rana:

Rushad Rana is a Bollywood and television actor. He is one of the most senior actors in the industry in terms of work and experience. Here is a list of some of his most acclaimed works…


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  • gangubai
  • nail polish
  • 8X10 photo
  • Shirin Farhad left
  • Door and more…


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  • hip Hip Hurray
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  • fear Files
  • Savdhaan India
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  • Shakalaka Boom Boom
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web series:

  • Peshawar
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  • Accident

Find out more about Rushad Rana and his personal life in this exclusive interview by celebrity host Shruti Sharma only on Stars Unfolded…

Why did you choose acting as your profession?

I always tell people that I did not choose acting, acting chose me. Acting is something that I have always enjoyed. I used to do a lot of plays during my studies. I made my portfolio for modeling and then I had my first audition for the popular show Hip Hip Hurray.

If you didn’t do acting, which profession would you choose?

If not an actor, I would be a photographer. I have been very fond of photography since college days. Even in the present day, I keep clicking pictures when I could and my friends praise me for my framing skills.

What are three things you always carry with you when you leave the house?

Three things I always carry with me are my phone, wallet and a handkerchief (Watch him cracking decent humor on our YouTube channel).

What’s your typical order for dinner at a restaurant?

My usual order for dinner would be butter chicken and naan. Sometimes, I order Rajma Chawal. I am very fond of North Indian food.

Any new dishes you would like to try?

I would love to eat ostrich meat. Once I went to South Africa and despite staying there for several days, I could not try this dish. I would definitely like to try it once.

What is your favorite past tense?

I like to sleep or watch TV in my spare time. My favorite time to date is to watch content and it always has been.

Gym, yoga or dieting, what do you follow the most?

Well, I go to the gym regularly. However, I am not very overweight and prefer to stick to freehand strength and cardio training. I also go out in the sun because it is necessary. Dieting is something that I cannot do being a foodie.

One act of kindness that you want people to follow in their lives?

You cannot define kindness. It can be anything from helping a blind person to feeding a poor person on the street. Personally, I define it as feeding people who are not blessed with food every day. I am also associated with an NGO where we have installed refrigerators.

People can store any food items in these fridges and those who cannot afford to eat can take out from these refrigerators as their one time meal (Watch this beautiful on Rushd Stars Unfolded channel) Explaining the concept in detail).

If you had to describe yourself in one word, which would you choose?

Romantic – Loyal – Devoted – Honest – Generous

If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be honest. I believe in a lot of cunning. The motto I follow is ‘do well or don’t do at all’.

We thank Rushdarana for taking the time to give StarsUnfolded this exclusive interview.

Watch the full interview episode of Rushdarana playing an entertaining quiz with Shruti Sharma only on StarsUnfolded channel. Also, know about his Bollywood crush, current life, his favorite adventure sports, likes, dislikes and more…

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