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Shruti Pathak

About Shruti Pathak:

His hoarse voice and calm aura enthralled thousands of his fans. She was one of the rare artists to perform for all three seasons of Coke Studio India. Shruti is also a passionate lyricist and has given words to many popular compositions for films like Kai Po Che and Dev. D. It is our pleasure to share Stars Unfolded Screen with the multi-talented Bollywood playback singer Shruti Pathak. Let’s know about him through this exclusive chat of celebrity interviewer Shruti Sharma only on Stars Unfolded.

Major Works as a Playback Singer in Bollywood:

  • Baaghi 2
  • Kai Po Che
  • Ra One
  • love breakup life
  • Anjaana Anjani
  • Luck
  • sacrifice
  • D
  • dress
  • If there is money then there is honey and many more…

Shruti Pathak in conversation with celebrity interviewer Shruti Sharma:

Shruti, you have done psychology. How did the transition from psychology to singing take place in your life?

So basically, I belong to a family of professors and teachers. Education is given great importance in our family. I told my grandfather about my interest in singing as a career. He was very supportive and was open to the idea of ​​singing. However, as a part of our tradition, I completed my graduation. I also developed a keen interest in psychology and thus completed my master’s in the same.

It is believed that songwriters or singers are usually romantic in personal life; are you too?

I don’t know about romance, but I think lyrics and words are thoughts that happen before words are written. It’s a way to put your feelings into words, whether it’s a romantic song or a motivational song. Even after saying that, I will answer your question; I’m a die-hard romantic!

There is a big difference between old and new Hindi songs. What are your thoughts about this transition?

I think earlier songs were based on the story. Now, it’s more about what’s working for the audience. I also think the sound is very different than before. But, I would also like to say that it would not be a good idea to make a comparison between the two; It is good to evolve over time and solve your objective of making music to reach an audience. Today, what the audience likes is given more preference and hence I think there is nothing wrong in pleasing the target audience.

Name any one singer who inspired you to become a singer?

Sonu Nigam is the one who really inspires me and I have grown up watching him. Apart from him, there have been many other people and artists from whom I have learned a lot. For example, Mehdi Hassan Sahab, Farida Khanum and all classical singers; The list is really long and it would be difficult to pick just one name. People I’ve heard of and with whom I have or haven’t worked with; There is so much music and there is still such a long way to go.

Is there an artist with whom you would love to work as a singer?

There are many singers and some of them are very close friends. I want to work with many of them a lot. Arijit Singh is someone I really like and adore and hence he is definitely someone I would love to work with.

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About Interviewer:

Shruti Sharma is a producer, celebrity blogger, host, content creator and brand influencer. She is also the founder of INWE Entertainment. Shruti is highly appreciated for her writing and content work. She gains immense knowledge and learning in blogging and content. Stars Unfolded is happy to associate with them.

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