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Anastasia Lena is a Ukrainian model who was crowned the winner of Miss Ukraine (2015).


Anastasia Lena was born on September 25 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Their zodiac sign is Libra. During her childhood, when her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Anastasia did odd jobs like sticking stamps on envelopes or delivering mail. He graduated in Marketing and Management from Kyiv Slavistic University. She worked as a PR manager in Turkey, Ankara and Istanbul. In an interview, she expressed that she is bored with her job as a PR manager. He said,

And I was so bored. I asked myself – ‘Will my life be so boring all the time’?

She has also worked as a translator.

Childhood photo of Anastasia Lena

Childhood photo of Anastasia Lena

Physical Appearance

Height: 5′ 9″

weight: 52 kg

Hair Color: medium golden brown

Eye Colour: Walnut

Figure Measurements: 33-26.5-38.5

anastasia lena in blue dress

anastasia lena in blue dress


parents and siblings

The name of his parents is not known. she has a brother.

Anastasia's parents

Anastasia’s parents


Anastasia started modeling and acting at the age of 13. She revealed on her social media handle that a scout found her at Tetralanaya metro station and invited her to a modeling school. She was crowned Miss Ukraine in 2015. In the same year, she represented her country, Ukraine, at the Miss Grand International beauty pageant. Later, she represented Ukraine at the 8th Miss Supranational pageant in 2016.

Miss Supranational Ukraine 2016

Miss Supranational Ukraine 2016


Between Ukraine and Russia’s war in 2022, various Ukrainians joined the armed forces to defend their country from the Russian military. In those days, former Miss Ukraine, Anastasia Lena posted pictures on social media wearing a combat uniform while holding guns.

Anastasia posing with guns

Anastasia posing with guns

He also used hashtags like #standwithukraine and #handsoffukraine in the captions of his pictures. This has created the impression that she has officially joined the defense force of her country by various media houses and her followers.

Instagram post of Anastasia Lena

Instagram post of Anastasia Lena

Her pictures with a gun went viral on social media, following which she clarified with an Instagram post that she uploads such pictures to inspire others and has no plans to join the army. He said that he is an airsoft player, a game that is played with fake weapons.

difficulties in life

In a series of Instagram stories, Anastasia gave a glimpse into the hardships and hardships that she faced in life. She recalled that her mother had been diagnosed with cancer repeatedly, and after a long struggle she succumbed to the disease. After the death of her mother, she and her brother were raised by her grandmother; However, his grandmother also died shortly after his mother passed away. She said that she fell into bad company and as a result got addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. To overcome this situation, she sent her resume and started looking for a job. He got a job invitation from Turkey. At the time, Lena was only fluent in English and German. He worked on contract in Bodrum for a year without knowing the native language of the place. She expressed that a new country, culture, friends and work helped her to overcome her addictions successfully. Later, he suffered a head injury in a car accident, which resulted in injury to the cervical spine.

Take Anastasia.  car accident photo posted by

Take Anastasia. car accident photo posted by

She revealed that doctors advised her to wear a cervical collar and said that she would not be able to walk properly after the injury.

Anastasia is wearing a cervical collar

Anastasia wearing a cervical collar


  • quote: ‘Smile to the world and the whole world will smile at you!’
  • Bollywood movie: Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ)

Facts / Trivia

  • Her surname is Nastya.
    Anastasia Lena's birthday cake with her surname written on it.

    Anastasia Lena’s birthday cake with her surname written on it.

  • Anastasia is the owner of the concert “World Top 10” on the television channel “Genk TV”.
  • He is fluent in a total of 5 languages ​​including English, German and Russian/Ukrainian.
  • In the midst of the Ukraine-Russia war, he said,

    Our [Ukraine’s] The army is fighting in such a way that NATO should apply for accession to Ukraine.”

  • Lena likes to ride a bike like Harley Davidson.
    anastasia motorbike ride

    anastasia motorbike ride

  • According to Lena, after the death of her grandmother, her relatives and friends were worried about her because she looked sick as she was about 175 cm tall and weighed only 44 kg.
  • Anastasia revealed on her Instagram story that she bought a whole grilled chicken from Shulyavska market with jeans and her first salary, which she previously couldn’t afford. She said that she always bought half or a quarter of chicken due to paucity of money and wore clothes donated by her brother or his relatives before starting earning herself.

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