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Height: 6′ 1″

Date of Death: 14/05/2022

Age: 46 Years

Andrew Symonds

Andrew Symonds

Some lesser known facts about Andrew Symonds

  • Andrew Symonds was an Australian cricketer known for being the most controversial international cricketer. He died in a car accident on 14 May 2022 in Townsville, Queensland.
  • Symonds’ birth parents were from different backgrounds. One of them was of Afro-Caribbean background, and the other was of Scandinavian origin. He was adopted by Ken and Barbara at the age of three, after which he moved to Australia.
  • He was interested in sports from an early age. In an interview he talked about his interest and said,

    Papa was a fan of cricket. He would throw me balls five or six days a week, before school, after school. And we’ll be playing all kinds of games with ping-pong balls and Christmas decorations inside the house. ,

    Andrew Symonds as a child

    Andrew Symonds as a child

  • Symonds played his junior cricket for the Wanderers Club, which required him to make a return trip of 270 km twice a week.
  • In 1994, he became the holder of the AIS Australian Cricket Academy Scholarship. In 1995, he was selected for England A’s tour of Pakistan, but decided not to go.
  • When he was part of the Queensland state team, he scored over 5,000 runs and took over 100 wickets.
  • He played for four countries during his career including Gloucestershire, Kent, Lancashire and Surrey.
  • In the early part of his international career, he could not comment as a batsman or bowler, but his fielding was praised. He was not even a part of the playing XI at that time. He got a chance to show his game in the 2003 Cricket World Cup. His performance in the match against Pakistan was regarded as one of the best innings in ODI cricket history.
  • In 2007, a one-day series in Vadodara, Nagpur and Mumbai saw crowds chanting monkeys to anger Symonds. The incident was denied by the BCCI, which claimed that people were worshiping Lord Hanuman.
  • In 2008, he hit a streaker during the Commonwealth Bank Series.

  • In 2008, he played for Deccan Chargers in the Indian Premier League (IPL). He was the second most expensive player to be bought for US$1,350,000. In 2011, he was bought by Mumbai Indians for US$850,000.
    Andrew Symonds playing for Deccan Chargers

    Andrew Symonds playing for Deccan Chargers

  • In 2008, during the August 2008 series against Bangladesh in Darwin, he was not allowed to play as he missed a team meeting. The captain talked about this in an interview and said,

    The main concern on our part is Andrew’s commitment, to play for this team and, in my opinion and I know the opinion of the rest of the leadership team, you need to be 100 percent committed.

  • He was a big fan of Brisbane Broncos since childhood. In 2002, when he did not perform well in matches, it was assumed that he would move to rugby league.
    Andrew Symonds playing rugby

    Andrew Symonds playing rugby

  • In 2009, while he was drunk, he gave a radio interview and made a controversial comment about Brendon McCuluma.
  • In 2011, he made a cameo in the Bollywood film Patiala House. In the same year, he appeared as a contestant in the Indian reality show Bigg Boss 5. During the show, he faced a language barrier, which led Pooja Mishra to return to the show as a translator for him. In an interview, he talked about his participation in the show and said,

    I have been traveling to India for so many years for cricket. I have a lot of friends here, so entering showbiz here seemed like a natural decision. ,

    Andrew Symonds in the film 'Patiala House'

    Andrew Symonds in the film ‘Patiala House’

    Andrew Symonds on the show 'Bigg Boss 5'

    Andrew Symonds on the show ‘Bigg Boss 5’

  • In 2012, Symonds retired from all forms of cricket.
  • In 2013, Ricky Ponting stated in his autobiography At the Close of Play that Symonds was a victim of abuse, and was guilty that he could not help her.
  • In an interview, Stephen Gray, author of Symonds’s autobiography, revealed that once, Symonds and two of his friends went swimming, but they went deep into the water. He had to swim for more than three hours to get back on the island.
  • In an interview, he revealed that he had gone bald and donated his dreadlocks to children affected by leukemia.
    Andrew Symonds with dreadlocks

    Andrew Symonds with dreadlocks

  • Symonds was called ‘Roy’ by his sports coach because he liked former basketball player Leroy Loggins.
  • Two eyewitnesses to Symonds’ death, Waylon Townson and his girlfriend, Babetha Neliman, spoke about the scene, saying,

    When we reached there we saw a car upside down in which a man was sitting. He was partially hanging from the motor with the country music he was still listening to. One of the dogs was very sensitive and did not want to leave him. Every time we try to move or approach him it just growls at you. ,

  • Following his death on 14 May 2022, a minute’s silence was observed by the players in a match between Kent and Surrey during the 2022 County Championship, to pay tribute to him, and to pique his interest, Roy was a campaigner for the campaign. Fishing rods were also introduced. catching fish. Many cricket fans in Australia put fishing rods and cricket balls outside their homes.
  • After his death, his sister Louise penned a heartwarming note for her brother and wrote,

    Gone too soon! “Rest in peace Andrew. I wish we had another day, another phone call. My heart is broken. I will love you always my brother. ,

    Andrew Symonds' sister note

    Andrew Symonds’ sister note

  • In an interview, his wife Laura spoke about her husband’s demise and said,

    We’re still in shock – I’m just thinking about having two kids. He was such a great person, and that’s all he has in his kids. He was the most laid-back person. Nothing stressed him. He was an extremely cold operator. so practical. He was never good with his phone, but he always had time for everyone.

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