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Wife: Pooja Ramachandran

Height: 6′ 2″

Age: 41 Years

Anish John Kokken

John Kokken

Some Lesser Known Facts About Anish John Kokken

  • Anish John Cocaine is a famous South Indian actor who has proved his acting skills by playing the role of an antagonist in many South Indian films. John’s notable works in KGF: Chapter 1 (2018) and Sarpatta Parambhai (2021) have received huge appreciation from his fans across the country. He is also known for playing a role in the blockbuster film, Baahubali: The Beginning (2015).
  • John traces his roots to Kerala, but was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra, from where he completed his schooling and formal education.
    a young john kokken

    a young john kokken

  • At the young age of 23, Anish worked as a receptionist in several renowned, 5-star hotels such as ITC Maratha Sheraton and Hyatt Regency. While working in hotels, John came in contact with several reputed modeling contractors who inspired him to try his luck in the field of modeling.
  • After working in the hotel industry, John changed his job and started working at a call cantor called IBM Daksh; To save more money build a modeling portfolio.
  • In 2005, John sent his portfolio to several modeling agencies, and also participated in a modeling contest organized by Gladrags. John did well in the competition and was among the finalists of the competition.
  • After the competition, John began auditioning for several well-known companies such as Cadbury and Bajaj, who were looking for roles in their commercials. In an interview he said,

    One of the things I learned as a model in Mumbai was learning to accept rejections gracefully. I would attend around 1200 auditions before I got selected for my first commercial.”

  • In 2006, John traveled to Kerala for a modeling contract. There he was introduced to many well-known South Indian filmmakers and directors, and it was here that John landed his big Malayali debut, Kalabham; Where he got the role of a jihadi leader.
    A scene from the movie Kalabham, where John played the role of a jihadi leader

    A still from the film Kalabham, where John played a jihadi leader

  • The film was released in 2006, after which John returned to his hometown of Bombay and continued his modeling career. John was considered too tall and muscular as a model, as a result of which, he was often denied a ramp walk modeling contract, but due to his large and muscular frame, John was portrayed as a villain in South Indian films. The roles started pouring in. In an interview, John said,

    As a model, I was considered too big for the ramp, due to which I could not do many designer shows. But this aspect became my advantage in films because I used to play the bad guy in all the movies and South Indian film industry likes tall and big villains. So here I was, 6.2″ tall and a big muscular man and he took me in his arms. I am extremely grateful to the South Indian film industry for the career and fame that I have today.”

  • After his debut in 2006, in 2009, John was given another break as a villain in the film Love in Singapore. In this film, John worked with famous South Indian actor Mammootty.
    In an action scene with John Mammootty in the movie Love in Singapore

    In an action scene with John Mammootty in the movie Love in Singapore

  • John has worked in many South Indian films. As a result of which, he has learned many different languages. John is a polyglot. He knows Hindi, English, Marathi, Malayali, Telugu, Kannada, Konkani and Tamil. In an interview, John recalled,

    I have always had a passion for languages ​​and speaking Hindi, Marathi and English fluently when I grew up in Mumbai. I speak Malayalam fluently as my mother tongue. While working in the south, I learned Tamil, Telugu and Kannada along the way.

  • John has been a part of many famous South Indian movies like IG – Inspector General (2009), Alexander the Great (2010), Veeram (2014), Janta Garage (2016) and many more.
  • In 2015, John was signed for the film Baahubali: The Beginning; Where he played the role of a soldier in the army of Kalkeya.
    John in Bahubali The Beginning

    John in Bahubali The Beginning

  • In an interview about the movie Bahubali, John said,

    I still remember shooting for the film Bahubali, but I played a small role in the film. Then I thought that if no one knows my name at the time of playing that role, then my name will be known soon.”

  • In 2018, John was given the role of a villain in the famous film KGF: Chapter 1. John is set to return as an antagonist in the film’s sequel, which will release on 15 April 2022.
    John Cocaine in the movie KGF: Chapter 1, as the villain

    John Cocaine in the movie KGF: Chapter 1, as the villain

  • In 2021, John was signed for the film Sarpatta Parambarai, a film set in the 1970s; revolves around the sport of boxing. In the film, John acted as the main antagonist named Vembuli against a famous South Indian film star Arya Pasupati.
    John Cocaine as Vembuli in the movie Sarpatta Parambrai

    John Cocaine as Vembuli in the movie Sarpatta Parambrai

  • In Sarpatta Parambrai, the director, Pa Ranjith asks John to adopt an intimidating and brutal body language. Ranjith further asked John to study the body movements of former world boxing champion Mike Tyson and take inspiration from him. John said in an interview,

    It was Mike Tyson that director Pa Ranjith asked me to take inspiration from for the role of Vembuli in Sarpatta Parambrai. I needed to look like a monster in the ring. I tried to replicate his body language, aggression and aggression.

  • John Cocaine’s role as Vembuli in the film, Sarpatta Parambrai, was loved by fans so much that they affectionately call him Vembuli.
  • In 2019, John acted as a cop in the Tamil crime-drama series titled Police Diaries 2.0. The series was released on Zee5 OTT platform.
    Police Diary 2.0.  John as a police officer in the series

    John Cocaine as a police officer in the series, Police Diaries 2.0

  • In 2021, John played the role of Lord, Indrajit, in a series based on Hindu mythology, the Ramayana. The series Ramyug was released on the MX Player OTT platform.
    John as Indrajit from Ramyug

    John Cocaine as Indrajit from Ramyug

  • John is a staunch supporter of yoga. Apart from yoga, he is also interested in boxing.
    john cocaine doing yoga on the beach

    john cocaine doing yoga on the beach

  • John Cocaine draws his inspiration from Sanjay Dutt, whom he considers to be one of the greatest villains of the film industry.
    John Cocaine with Sanjay Dutt

    John Cocaine with Sanjay Dutt

  • John has one ambition, that is to act as the main villain in a James Bond movie. John expressed his desire while giving an interview and said,

    My ultimate goal as an actor is to play the antagonist in a James Bond movie. For me, that’s my ultimate dream.”

  • Movies in different languages ​​have always fascinated John and since childhood, John was a staunch fan of the film. They said,

    To be honest, modeling happened by chance and acting also came with it. Growing up, I used to watch a lot of movies. I was very fond of films, whatever the language.

  • John Cocaine is also a pet lover. He has two pets. One is a Rottweiler, named Optimus, and the other is a Pomeranian, named Trinity.
    John with his pets, Optimus and Trinity

    John Cocaine with his pets, Optimus and Trinity

  • John Cocaine is also fond of horses.
    john with a horse

    john cocaine with a horse

  • Even though John Cocaine is a pure vegetarian, he is now working on adopting a vegetarian lifestyle.

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