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Anita Nair is an Indian novelist, best known for her novel Mistress, A Better Man. She enjoys the reputation of an English writer, who is contemporary as one of the best in the business.


Anita Nair is an Indian novelist who was born on 26 January 1966 in Shoranur, Palakkad district, Kerala. He did his graduation in English Literature from NSS College Ottapalam. Nair was working with an advertising agency when he wrote his book, A Satire of Subway. It is sold to Har-Anand Press. This book earned him a fellowship from the Virginia Center for Creative Arts. She has also written a crime series, has received several awards and her works have been translated into more than 31 languages. Anita is a progressive writer with a feminist outlook on things, which is reflected in major parts of her works.


husband and children

Anita is married to Suresh Prambath. The couple has a son and a daughter.

Anita Nair with daughter

Anita Nair with daughter

Anita Nair's son with his box

Anita Nair’s son with his box

Anita Nair with brother Sunil Nair

Anita Nair with brother Sunil Nair

religion/religious thought

Nair is a Hindu though she is secular and has brought tales from the Quran for children and believes in teaching children not to fear Islam.


Nair is widely loved and appreciated. She has famous novels to her name like The Better Man (2000), Mistress (2003). His other works such as Adventures of Nonu, The Skating Square (2007) for his young readers have been equally well received and very popular. The author’s second book, Ladies Coupe (2001) became the first book to be printed by Picador USA and has been translated into many languages ​​around the world. Nair’s novel Mistress (2003) was nominated as a finalist in the 2007 PEN/Beyond Margins Award in the USA and as a finalist for LiBeratuepreis 2007 in Germany. The book was also listed on the long list of Orange Awards in the UK.
She has often been called a feminist writer, of whom Nair says,

When I wrote Ladies Coupe, it was called a feminist novel. It bothered me because what are we talking about here. Feminism never came with applause. It was like a humiliating jab. I was surprised. So, to me, feminism is something – as a right of every woman to be a woman and not feel less for it. Most of the time, women are made to feel that if you have to be a certain kind of person, then you are a good woman.

Let’s first identify who we are. What does our sex demand of us? Biologically, there is a difference. Unfortunately, we do not accept this. It is not just the eyes of men, it is the male way of understanding women. Feminism is about a woman being comfortable with a woman.

Nair has at all times portrayed women in her works in the best possible manner. Although she is not a fan of classification. He also has a National Film Award winning screenplay to his credit. As she says, it amuses and excites her to see what is happening in the local language area in Nair’s works and also that most of her characters are drawn from rural setting.

Discovered by Anita, this talent is for curious and aspiring writers who are looking for guidance and direction. Anita portrays a total of 12 people eager to learn, her literary workshop takes these people through various literary formats, etc., aimed at helping them identify their shortcomings and hone their skills under the guidance of Nair himself Is. For a course fee of 70,000 INR, learners get weekly insights from guest authors, as well as, at the end of the day, one through one, one-on-one session from Nair himself.

thoughts on censorship

They feel that censorship in any form is unfair and it is more and more about the powerful minority of people taking their knees. She also feels that it takes away the originality and essence from one’s work. She further says that if someone feels bad then he can ignore it and not read the book. She says it is basic human nature to download and read a book even though it is pulled back. Overall, she seems to be against the culture of censorship.

Awards, Honors, Achievements

  • He has won the Kendriya Sahitya Akademi Award and the Crossword Award.
  • He has been honored by the Kerala Sahitya Akademi for his contribution to literature and culture.
  • She was awarded Women’s Content by the Times Group for her outstanding contribution in the field of literature.
  • JFW him. has been awarded [South India’s leading women’s magazine] Award for Literary Excellence.
  • Nair was chosen as one of the 30 Powerful Women of India by India Today magazine for her Role Call of Honor.
  • She has been awarded the FLO FICCI Women’s Achiever Award for Literature.
  • The author has been awarded the Arc of Excellence Award for Literature by the All India Achievers Conference, New Delhi.


  • Author: ruskin bond
  • Actor: Prakash Raj
Anita shared a picture on her Instagram

Anita shared a picture on her Instagram

Facts and Common Sense:

  • She is an animal lover and loves to pamper her pets with affection.
Anita Nair's pet dog

Anita Nair’s pet dog

  • Nair is a foodie and is often seen sharing pictures of food on her Instagram.
Anita Nair shared a picture on her Instagram

Anita Nair shared a picture on her Instagram

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