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Age: 67 Years

Date of Birth: 01/08/1955

Profession: Former Cricketer

Arun Lalu

Arun Lal in the stadium

Some lesser known facts about Arun Lal

  • Arun Lal is a former Indian cricketer, who was a right-handed opener. He is also a commentator and columnist for Cricket.
  • Arun was previously married to Reena; However, the two parted ways on mutual decision.
  • Although Arun is separated from Reena, he continues to live with her to take care of her as she is suffering from a chronic illness.
  • After being in a relationship with Bulbul Saha, Lal got engaged to him in 2022 with the consent of his first wife, Reena.
    Arun Lal with Bulbul Sah

    Arun Lal with Bulbul Sah

  • As per the wedding invitation, which went viral on social media, the venue of the wedding is Peerless Inn, Esplanade, Kolkata.
    Arun and Bulbul's wedding invitation

    Arun and Bulbul’s wedding invitation

  • He moved from Delhi to Calcutta in 1979 and started Bournvita Cricket Academy, one of the top cricket coaching academies in Kolkata.
  • In his first Test against Sri Lanka at Madras, he scored 63 runs with a shared partnership of 156 Sunil Gavaskar,
  • In his second Test, which was against Pakistan, he scored 51 with a shared partnership of 105. Sunil Gavaskar, However, he scored only 49 runs in his next four innings, which is why he was dropped from the team.
  • His highest Test score is 93 against West Indies in Calcutta in 1987.
  • In his career spanning 16 Test innings from 1982 to 1989, he scored 729 runs at an average of 26.03.
  • He scored six Test half-centuries, one against Sri Lanka in 1982 and two against Pakistan in the same match at the Eden Gardens in 1987.
  • He played 13 ODIs and his ODI average was 9.36.
  • He represented both the Bengal cricket team and the Delhi cricket team at the domestic level of cricket.
  • He spent 6 years in the Delhi team and then shifted to Bengal in 1981.
  • He scored an unbeaten 50 in the final match after 51 years in 1989 to give the Bengal team their first Ranji Trophy victory.
  • He was instrumental in East Zone’s victory in the Duleep and Deodhar Trophy.
  • He played 156 first-class matches till 1995, during which he scored over 10,000 runs with a top score of 287 and a batting average of 46.94.
  • In 2001, he announced his retirement from competitive cricket and six years later from club cricket.
  • He played his last club match for East Bengal.
  • At the time of his retirement, he was fifth in the list of highest career run scorers in Ranji Trophy history with 6760 runs at an average of 53.23.
  • Reportedly, he decided to leave due to his health issues and physical constraints. In an interview, he revealed the reason for retiring from cricket. He said,

    It may sound strange, but this year, I had a problem after playing a club match in a hot and humid summer. So I decided to leave after the official end of the season today.”

    He added,

    Last year also in the same period, I scored a century. However, this year I was not feeling as tired as I am feeling. The recovery factor is taking too long. This has forced me to take the decision to step down.”

  • After retiring from all forms of cricket, Arun started writing commentary and columns on cricket.
    Arun Lal doing commentary

    Arun Lal (third from left) is doing commentary

  • In an interview, he said that international players should continue to play domestic cricket as well. He added,

    The most important tournament in this country is the Ranji Trophy and not the IPL.

    Arun Lal unveiled the IPL trophy in Kolkata in 2018

    Arun Lal unveiled the IPL trophy in Kolkata in 2018

  • In January 2016, he left commentary when he was diagnosed with a cancer of the jaw called Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. He was treated which included a 14-hour long surgery and jaw replacement.
  • In an interview, he spoke about the horrific experience and treatment he went through and said,

    It took me a year to get out of this because my entire jaw had to be rebuilt or else I wouldn’t have a face. From my leg, they cut off one of the bones (fibula) and they literally made a new jaw. I was on crutches because of the leg (cut in the leg) and I couldn’t move my right arm because of all the broken nerves from my neck. It was a harrowing experience”

  • He successfully recovered from cancer in a year; However, he stopped associating with cricket in any way for a few months. He lived alone in his villa.
  • Later when he was asked in an interview about his perception about life after recovering from the deadly cancer. He expressed,

    Every day is a lesson for man. You are not the same person today as you were yesterday. You definitely go through changes when this kind of thing happens. You have to go through a difficult test, now you are stronger, you look at life differently. I feel that I am strong mentally and physically. I am very satisfied with myself and as long as God is with me, I have no complaints.”

  • Lal recalled in an interview that his former partner and friend, Sourav Ganguly, called him, and he thought it was a courtesy call to check on Arun’s health and whereabouts; However, it turned out to be an offer to coach the Bengal state senior team as Ganguly was the president of the Cricket Association of Bengal at that time.
  • He was made the head coach of the Eastern Zone branch of the National Cricket Academy and the head coach of the Bengal cricket team in 2017.
    Arun Lal as coach of Bengal cricket team

    Arun Lal as coach of Bengal cricket team

  • It was under the advice of Arun Lal that the Bengal team reached the final of India’s premier domestic competition, the Ranji Trophy in 2020 after a gap of 13 years.
  • After Bengal’s victory under Arun Lal’s tutelage, he was asked in an interview about his journey from playing for the Ranji winning team to becoming the coach of the Ranji final team. He replied,

    I cannot tell you how emotional this journey has been for me. I am like a father now. If a son does well, it is even happier for the father than the work done personally. So, it will be a huge achievement for me if this team can win Ranji Trophy as compared to my victory as a player. I value my journey as a player more than my journey that season. ,

  • According to Lal, team spirit is the most important factor for victory. In an interview he said,

    Team is paramount and everything else is secondary. First you bring your team spirit and then your skill, talent, mental ability comes everything.”

  • He acted in Doordarshan’s national unity song “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” to represent Bengal.
  • He is a passionate bird watcher and has done a lot of work to save the migratory birds in Santragachi, Howrah.
  • He also advocates for wildlife conservation and has planted over 4,000 trees. In an interview he said,

    My main passion is planting trees. Then cricket.”

  • Arun has played the role of a father in the lives of various people. He provided financial assistance to those underprivileged children for their education. Dhobi’s son Bikash was the first person in his family to study in an English medium school. Arun helped him do B.Com and M.Com and then graduated from IIM Kolkata. He became the Head of the Treasury at JSW Steel. Bikash gifts Arun and his family a Mercedes as a token of gratitude while they drive the relatively modest Volkswagen Vento and Renault Duster. Others supported by Arun and his first wife include Dr. Anoop Sarkar, a super-specialty gastroenterologist at PG Hospital in Kolkata, Dr. Ashwini at AIIMS, Delhi, and Sanjeet, an IT professional in Sweden.
  • Arun played an important role in the construction Sourav GangulyCareer of Reportedly, he convinced the selectors to select Ganguly for the Ranji final in 1990. In an interview, Lal said,

    I had seen Sourav grow from the very beginning. I supported him from his early days. In fact, I was among those who insisted on his inclusion in the final when the selectors were skeptical about selecting him. ,

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