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BK Ganju

BK Ganju, also known as Bal Krishna Ganju, was an Indian telecommunications engineer and a Kashmiri Hindu who was subjected to brutality against Kashmiri Pandits and was killed during a mass exodus of Kashmiri Hindus in 1990.


BK Ganju was in his 30s when he was shot dead in 1990. He had a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Regional Engineering College, Srinagar, which was later changed to National Institute of Technology, Srinagar. He lived in Chhota Bazar, Kanikadal, Srinagar. At the time of his death, he was a government employee in the P&T department and posted in Kashmir.


BK Ganju belonged to a Kashmiri Pandit family.

parents and siblings

His father was Dina Nath Ganju. Not much information is available about his mother and siblings.

wife and children

She was married to Vijay Ganju and had a daughter. The name of his daughter is not known.


Hindu religion


Kashmiri Pandit


On 19 March 1990, he was shot dead by Mohammad at his house in Chhota Bazar, Kanikadal, Srinagar. Salim Zargar. Ganju was reportedly coming home during the relaxation of curfew. His wife saw that some terrorists were following her. As he entered his house, his wife hid him in a barrel of rice in the attic of their house. As expected, terrorists broke into his house to hunt Ganju. At one point, they returned when they were unable to find him, however, one of Ganju’s neighbors informed the terrorists about his hiding place. The terrorists went back to Attari and gunned it down. Next, there are two legends. According to one, BK Ganju’s wife Vijay Ganju after brutally shooting her husband asked the terrorists to kill him too, however, the terrorists said that they were leaving him to let her cry over her husband’s body. According to another, it is said that Ganju’s body was lying on rice and blood-soaked rice was forcefully fed to his wife and children. In one such story it is said that while leaving the house, the terrorists said,

Let the rice soak in your blood and let your kids eat it. Ah, what a delicious meal that would be.”

Contrary to these two legends, a media report states that the actual event was much less climatic. According to that news article, when BK was shot in the attic, his wife collapsed on the floor after hearing the gunshots. It is reported that the killers paid no attention to Ganju’s paralyzed, bereaved wife, leaving without remorse.

Facts / Trivia

  • There is a park in Central Delhi named after BK Ganju, named Bal Krishna Ganju Memorial Park.
    BK Ganju Memorial Park, Delhi

    BK Ganju Memorial Park, Delhi

  • After the horrific incident in Kashmir, Mrs. Ganju shifted to Delhi, where she was offered a job in her husband’s department. It is said that she retired from the job in 2014.
  • In an interview, the wife of Ganju’s aide Rita Parimu revealed that the rebels suspected that Ganju was leaking their messages to the central government and even Ganju suspected that he was on the list of suspects. . He also revealed that the terrorists fired a total of six bullets at the drum in which Ganju was hiding.

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