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Wife: Evgenia Antony

Age: 56 Years

Hometown: Ponkunnam, Kerala

Babu Antony

Babu Antony

Some lesser known facts about Babu Antony

  • Babu Antony is an Indian-American actor, who predominantly works in Malayalam cinema. He is best known for playing a king in the Malayalam film Vaishali (1989), a former terrorist’s role in the Malayalam film Aparnam, and an innocent role in the Malayalam film Sayahnaam. A five-time holder of the Dan Black Belt in Martial Arts, Antony introduced various forms of martial arts to the South Indian film industry, particularly the Malayalam film industry, and is the only martial arts specialist actor in Malayalam cinema to have achieved prominence. . Excellent in racy fight scene.
  • Antony grew up in a middle-class Christian family in Ponkunnam, Kerala.
  • At the age of six, Antony began learning martial arts under Sebastian Master. He began by learning Kalaripayattu, an Indian martial art and fighting style that originated in the southern state of Kerala. Later, when Antony was in Pune for his post-graduation, he learned karate and other forms of martial arts including mixed martial arts (MMA), kung-fu, taekwondo, aikido, jiu-jitsu, judo, kickboxing and western boxing. Best Indian and International trainers.
  • Babu Antony excelled in various sports during his school and college days. He was the captain of his college volleyball team and athletic team during his undergraduate years. While in college, he also taught karate to missionaries in Pune.
  • After his post-graduation, Antony joined the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune as a cinematographer.
  • While he was working as a cinematographer, he came to the attention of Malayalam film director Bharata, who offered him a small role in a Malayalam film.
  • In 1985, he played a small role in the Malayalam film Shatru.
  • Thereafter, he appeared in the films Poovinu Puthiya Punthenal (1986), Chilambu (1987), Vritham (1987), and Vendam Lisa (1987).
  • He rose to prominence with the film Vaishali (1988) in which he played the role of Lomapadhan. Directed and edited by Bharathan, the film is a period drama that revolves around a devadasi girl named Vaishali, who goes on a mission to seduce Maharishi Vibhandakan’s son Rishyashrungan, and makes him perform a Mahayagam to bring rain. for Chambapuri.
  • Playing the role of Angry Young Man in films like Gandhari (1993), Bharanakoodam (1994), and Chantha (1995) garnered a huge fan following among the audience, especially the youth.
  • Portraying negative characters with shoulder-level hair and a heavy beard, Antony redefined the whole concept of a villain in films. With her growing popularity among the audience, several directors approached her with lead roles.
  • He has worked in many popular Malayalam films like Uthman (2001), Thandavam (2002), Vajram (2004), Shambhu (2009) and Christian Brothers (2011).
  • Some of his Hindi films include Shanti Kranti (1991), Nayak: The Real Hero (2001) and Ek Deewana Tha (2012).
  • He has also appeared in the English film Bullet Blades and Blood (2019).
  • Antony played the role of a Rashtrakuta king in Mani Ratnam’s epic period action drama Ponniyin Selvan (2022). Set in the 10th century, the film depicts the story of a group of Pandya soldiers who plan to avenge their king Veerapandian, who was killed in battle by the Chola prince Aditha Karikalan.
  • After a few years of pursuing a career in acting, Babu Antony moved to the US and settled with his family in Houston, Texas.
  • Apart from being an actor, Babu Antony is also a martial artist and has taught various forms of martial arts at Papal Pontifical College, Pune for many years.
  • In 2015, he founded a martial arts school in GCC named Babu Antony School of Martial Arts, where students can learn various forms of martial arts including Karate, Tai Chi and Kung-Fu. Later, it opened a branch in Missouri City, Texas, USA.
  • Antony likes to do free painting and poetry whenever.
  • In an interview, talking about the Malayalam film industry, Antony said that it is controlled by a few people. he said,

    When I emerged as a hero, many a times I got consecutive hits in Malayalam. I also tasted success as a supporting actor in other languages. But a group from the Malayalam film industry made a collective effort to kick me out, which affected my career. Around 20 projects got canceled and it was a huge loss for many in the industry. This has been my experience and I think it is the right thing to talk about. I have survived only because of the audience and some genuine filmmakers.”

  • In 2022, Antony was featured on the cover of Grahalaxmi magazine with his wife and children.
  • Antony is often seen drinking alcohol at parties.
  • In one of his social media posts, he talked about his role of Sufi in the Malayalam film Thandavam. he said,

    One of my funniest roles, working with Sufi, Priyan (Crash Work) and Mohanlal, etc., in Thandavam, directed by Shaji Kailas. In the climax, there was a good fight to join hands with Hero to take down the villain. But the role never made it off the editing table. This role must have given me a new life in Malayalam films as I didn’t have any films then. Thank you fans for refreshing my memory.”

  • As of 2022, Babu Antony has appeared in over 200 films in various languages ​​such as Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada and is known for his quick punches, sharp kicks and fluid movements in action sequences in films. Some of his films have also been screened at national and international film festivals.
  • Babu Antony has also given martial arts training to his sons Arthur and Alex. His eldest son, Arthur Dan is a black belt in MMA. Arthur is also an actor and singer and has lent his voice to a song in the Malayalam film Phillips and the Monkey Pain.

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