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Age: 63 Years

Date of Death: 26/07/2022

Wife: Nikki DeVito

Balwinder Safari

Balwinder Safari

Some lesser known facts about Balwinder Safari

  • Balwinder Safri was an Indian singer who lived in Birmingham, Canada since 1991. He sang many popular Punjabi songs like “O Chan Mere Makhna” (1998), “Tere Ishq Ne” (1999), and “Rahe Rahe Jaan Wale”. (2010).
  • As a child, his father used to sing Gurbani and Shabad Kirtan in various Gurdwaras. He used to accompany his father to Gurudwaras and from there his interest in singing developed.
  • While studying in school, he used to sing patriotic songs in school morning assemblies and other competitions.
  • He learned the basics of Indian classical music from his mentor Jaswant Bhavra.
  • In 1980, he moved to Canada and started working as a tailor in a garment manufacturing factory. On weekends, he used to work with various musical groups as a singer.
    Balwinder Safari in his younger days

    Balwinder Safari in his younger days

  • Initially, he worked with a few musical groups named ‘Azad Group’ and ‘Ashoka Group’. He used to perform with music groups in various stage shows and live events.
    Balwinder Safari in one of his programs

    Balwinder Safari in one of his programs

  • In 1985, she sang the song “Jad Lagiya Chhota Ishqiya Diya” for the first time on TV.
  • After working with music groups for a few years, in 1990, he formed his own musical group ‘Safari Boys’ with six members. Safri Boys released several Punjabi songs and music albums which gained immense popularity in India and Canada.
  • Balwinder Safri worked as a singer in several Punjabi music albums like ‘Kar Shukra Khuda Da’ (1994), ‘Other Level’ (1999), ‘Inferno’ (2000), ‘Get Real’ (2010) and ‘Jadon Maan Dole’ did. Tera’ (2014).
    A collage of music albums by Balwinder Safary

    A collage of music albums by Balwinder Safary

  • He sang many popular songs like “Do Tikhian Talwar” (1997), “Tera Bhana” (2000), “Pao Bhangra” (2009), and “Mere Dil Te Alana Paya” (2010).
  • In an interview, he shared how he got the name Safri, he said,

    I was a notorious kid in school and I was not interested in studies. One of my teachers taunted me by saying ‘Tu always safar ve rehanda aa, bada safari bana firda aa’. Since then my teachers used to call me Safari Safari. When I made a career in singing, I took it upon myself.”

  • In 2019, he received the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from Brit Asia TV.
    Balwinder Safary's Instagram post about his award

    Balwinder Safary’s Instagram post about his award

  • In 2022, he underwent triple bypass surgery at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, England. There were complications in the surgery which resulted in his brain being damaged. Thereafter, he slipped into a coma, and after about 86 days, he was discharged from the hospital. During treatment, he showed some signs of improvement, but could not survive and died on 26 July 2022. On his demise, various Punjabi celebrities shared their grief.
    Balwinder Safari in his last days

    Balwinder Safari in his last days

  • Former Chief Minister of Punjab Capt Amarinder Singh Condolences on Safar’s death. He tweeted,

    Sad to learn about the passing of Punjabi music legend Balwinder Safary today. My condolences to his family and millions of Punjabi fans around the world.”

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