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Age: 23 Years

Education: MA English

Marital Status: Unmarried

celesti barrage

celesti barrage

Some Lesser Known Facts About Celeste Barrage

  • Celesty Bairagi is an Indian actress best known for being the famous Indian actress doppelganger. Alia Bhatt,
  • In 2020, when she was pursuing her master’s degree from Rajasthan, she created an account on Instagram during the COVID-19 lockdown. In an interview, she said,

    I signed up for Instagram in November 2020 and started reeling around February last year. My brother, Mridutpol and best friend, Neeha encouraged me to start an Instagram account. ,

  • As a social media influencer, Celesti Bairagey has advertised for several well-known brands such as Burger King.
  • In 2021, Celesti Bairagey was seen in an Assamese music video titled Protitu Pol 2.0.
  • In December 2021, Celesty Bairage performed Bihu, an Assamese traditional dance, in a music video titled Dhon Keteki.
  • Celesti Bairagey appeared in another music video, Julie, which was released on 22 March 2022.
  • In March 2022, Celesty Bairagi starred in the music video Tumi Ruva opposite an Assamese singer Vicky Kalita.
  • In 2022, Celesti Bairagey appeared in an Assamese music video, Premore Behela. The song was sung by Wonder Sisters.
  • Celesty Bairagi made her debut with the Assamese web film, Niveer Aru Tara. She played the character of Tara in the web film. The film was released on 20 April 2022. By July 2022, the film had collected 43 lakh views. Apart from acting in the film, he also wrote the script of the film.
    Poster of Assamese web film Niveer Aru Tara

    Poster of Assamese web film Niveer Aru Tara

  • In the same year, Celesty Bairage starred in the Assamese film Ranjuna.
    Poster of Celesty Bairagi's Assamese film Runjun

    Poster of Celesty Bairagi’s Assamese film Runjun

  • In 2022, Celesti Bairagey appeared in an Assamese music video titled Nasoni Tumi Moi Dhulia.
    A still from the Assamese song Nasoni Tumi Moi Dhulia by Celesty Bairagi

    A still from the Assamese song Nasoni Tumi Moi Dhulia by Celesty Bairagi

  • Later in the same year, Celesti Bairagi was seen in another Assamese music video Tumi Junak.
    A still from his Assamese song Tumi Junaki

    A still from his Assamese song Tumi Junaki

  • In 2022, Celesty Bairagi was signed to play the lead role of Rajjo in Star Plus’s TV serial Udti Ka Naam Rajjo opposite Rajveer Singh.
  • Celesti Bairagi said in an interview that her dream job is to enter the field of academics as a professor.
  • Celesti Bairagey is a polyglot. She can speak Assamese, English, Hindi and a little Tamil, Telugu and Marwari.
  • Celesty Bairagi’s interview in 2022 was featured in the newspaper, Hindustan Times. In the interview, he talked about being called a doppelganger of a Bollywood actress. Alia Bhatt, She further claimed that she looks up to the actress and wants to be a famous star like her. In an interview, he told the media,

    Alia is one of the most successful and loved actors in Bollywood, and one of my favourites. Recently, when a video of me went viral on social media, my family also said, ‘You look like Alia Bhatt.’ She said, “It is great that I resemble him, but it will be even better if I become a successful actor like him someday.”

    A cutout of Celesty Bairagi's interview in Hindustan Times

    A cutout of Celesty Bairagi’s interview in Hindustan Times

  • Celesty had expressed her desire to work with a Bollywood star during an interview. Tiger Shroff, She also claimed that she loves Bollywood movies. In her interview, she said,

    It’s always been something I’ve loved. My favorite actor in Bollywood is Tiger Shroff, and it will be an honor if I get a chance to share screen space with him someday.”

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