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Home Shanti takes a close look at the emotional journey of a family while creating the home of their dreams as a family drama. It is a lively, uplifting and humorous play that will make the audience fall in love with Joshi and root for him till the last brick is laid. I am incredibly grateful to Supriya Pathak and Manoj Pahwa for creating their wonderful synergy in the play. Their on-screen chemistry touched my heart and I am sure they will cast the same magic on the audience. We have some talented actors, Chakori Dwivedi and Pujan Chhabra as the Joshi siblings, who have made the characters so endearing. Happy Ranjit because the contractor is spot on! In fact the entire cast of ‘Home Shanti’ feels like a fun ensemble and the characters grow on you. Can’t wait to see the reaction of the audience to this emotional cushion of the play.”

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