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Chandrakant Jha is an Indian vegetable seller and plastic seller. From 1998 to 2007, he killed and separated seven of his friends. He is known as ‘The Butcher of Delhi’ for brutally killing his comrades.


Chandrakant Jha was born in 1967.age 55 years; by 2022) in Ghosai, Madhepura, Bihar. He studied till class 8.

Physical Appearance

height: 5′ 10″

Hair Color: black

Eye Colour: brown

Chandrakant Jha


parents and siblings

His father Radhekant Jha used to work in the irrigation department. His mother Champadevi was a school teacher. He has five siblings named Nityananda, Indranand, Kalanand, Sadanand and Deepak Kumar, one of whom works in the Central Reserve Police Force and the other in the Bihar State Police.

wife and children

As a teenager, he married a girl from his village and within a year of marriage, he parted ways with her. In 1997, when he was in Delhi, he met a girl named Mamta in his locality. Both fell in love with each other and got married. The couple has five daughters. Talking about Jha in an interview, Mamta said,

We did love marriage. He is tall and good looking and very smart. He was 13 years older than me. His parents were older people, his father retired from the government, and his mother was a school teacher. I don’t know how far he studied, but he loved reading newspapers.”

Vegetable seller turned serial killer

After passing 8th, he decided to leave studies and earn money. He came to Delhi from his village in search of a job. Then he started doing some odd jobs like vegetable seller and plastic hawker. His formative years in Delhi were not very welcoming. He was once attacked by a Delhi goon who stabbed him in the chest. The local people present there did not help him and he alone went to the nearby hospital with a cloth on his chest. Jha then decided to take karate classes for self-defense. According to sources, at that time the local police used to demand money from the poor vegetable vendors in the vegetable market and union leaders used to deduct the salaries of the vendors wrongly in the vegetable market. In 1998, Chandrakant protested the actions of union leaders who mistreated poor vendors. Jha’s verbal fight with the Sangh leader ‘Pandit’ (popular in that area) turned into a physical fight, and during the fight, Pandit was injured. Taking this as an insult, Pandit lodged a complaint against Jha at the local police station. He also dragged Jha’s wife into the incident and lodged a complaint against her. Jha and his wife were arrested and sent to jail. A constable named Balbir Singh brutally tortured her in jail and did not consider her petition. Jha was also stripped naked in the presence of other prisoners.

old picture of chandrakant jha

old picture of chandrakant jha

The incident stunned Jha, and he then believed that violence was the only answer to injustice. This belief completely changed him, and he soon developed an aggressive and irritable disposition. Reportedly, after the incident, he shifted his wife and daughters to some other place, and he started living alone in JJ Colony, Haiderpur, Delhi. By that time Jha was earning handsomely and he used to help migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar to get jobs and accommodation in Delhi. He would feed them at his home and take care of them like his own children, but he used to watch them closely and monitor their movements. He used to get angry on their small things like eating non-vegetarian food, smoking, drinking alcohol and having affairs. He lost his senses and used to kill his friends over such small things. His first murder was in 1998 when he killed Mangal alias Aurangzeb in Adarsh ​​Nagar. He was also arrested for this, but he was released in 2002 due to lack of evidence. A year later, he killed his friend named Shekhar for drinking alcohol. After the murder, the dead body was thrown somewhere in Alipore, Delhi. In November 2003, he killed another friend named Umesh. Jha assumes that Umesh is lying and betraying and for this he kills him. He threw Umesh’s torso near gate number 1 of Delhi’s Tihar Jail.

Photos of victims killed by Chandrakant Jha

Photos of victims killed by Chandrakant Jha

According to Jha, he wanted to challenge the Delhi Police so he did so. In November 2005, he killed Guddu for consuming ganja and dumped his body near Sulabh Souchalya in North West Delhi’s Mangol Puri. In October 2006, she killed Amit (one of her associates) for being a feminist. He threw his torso in front of Tihar Jail. In 2007, he committed two more murders of Upendra (for having an affair with Jha’s daughter) and Duleep (for eating non-vegetarian food). According to media sources, he used to cut the body into several pieces and throw it in different parts of Delhi just to confuse the Delhi Police. He also kept notes with the dead bodies in which he had challenged the Delhi Police to arrest him. In one of his notes it is written,

Till now an illegitimate case is going on against me, but this time I have really committed murder. You guys will never be able to catch me, I am not afraid of opening the case. If you can catch me in this massacre, then catch me and show me your father-in-law and brother-in-law, CC.

Chandrakant Jha's note to Delhi Police

Chandrakant Jha’s note to Delhi Police

One of Chandrakant Jha's notes to Delhi Police

One of Chandrakant Jha’s notes to Delhi Police

Reportedly, he followed a ritual in the killings. He used to kill his comrades after 8 o’clock in the night and eat food at the same place where blood was splattered on the floor. Chandrakant was arrested several times by the local police from 1998 to 2002, but was released due to lack of evidence. After almost 6 years, after his final murder, he was arrested by Delhi Police with relevant evidence. He was found guilty of three murders, for which he was charged with a fine of Rs 20,000 and the death penalty by the Rohini Court, Delhi. During his hearing in court, Jha said he had no remorse about the killings, and that it was his revenge on the Delhi Police who misbehaved with him and punished him for crimes he never did. He has even said that he has become a master of cutting the body. In 2016, the Rohini Court, Delhi commuted his death sentence to life imprisonment.

Chandrakant Jha on his way to court for hearing

Chandrakant Jha on his way to court for hearing

Speaking to reports, during an interview, the Delhi Police official said,

Jha has some psychological issues due to which he got involved in such heinous crime. Jha’s first mistake was to send a letter to the police on October 20 last, leaving the body of his fourth victim (Amit) in front of Tihar. In the letter, Jha had blamed former additional deputy commissioner Manish Agarwal and head constable Balbir Singh for forcibly carrying them away. To the killing spree. In the letter, Jha had also admitted to committing the murder in November 2003 and throwing the body near Tihar. It was proved that he was already out of Tihar by November 2003, so we had to look for one who was locked up before 2003.

He further explained how Jha was caught,

Jha made another mistake by calling up the Hari Nagar SHO soon after the body was dumped on October 20 last. We made sure that the SHO talks to the killer for as long as possible and gets more clues. The conversation lasted for seven minutes. Our next clue was to compare the handwriting on the note found with the body and handwritten statements of outsiders. We suspected that Jha was the killer but the difficult part was to identify his whereabouts as he used to change his address every fortnight. We knew at least four hideouts: Yamuna Vihar, Alipore, Badola village and Haiderpur. Our last clue was that he used to drive a scooter-driven rickshaw. We searched all the four places and finally found him in Alipore when he was having pudding with his kids.

Facts / Trivia

  • Chandrakant Jha was born in an affluent family. Their parents were employed, and they could not pay much attention to their children. Jha always felt the lack of his parents. His mother had a very aggressive nature and his neighbors were afraid of him. As a child, Jha believed that aggression could make him powerful.
  • In July 2022, a Netflix series ‘Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi’ was released on the heinous crime committed by Chandrakant Jha. As per the series, Jha is on parole till 2022.
    Indian hunter-butcher of Delhi

    Indian hunter-butcher of Delhi

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