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controversies Flagged off for doubtful integrity by ISRO
D Sasikumaran and Nambi Narayanan were accused of acting to further their personal interests while at ISRO. When Narayanan was privately consulting a contractor with a lot of foreign exchange deals, Sasikumaran was planning to set up a private firm. The Act was a clear violation of the 1964 Code of Conduct for Government Employees; So, a decade before the 1994 espionage case came to light, scientists were flagged by ISRO for having dubious integrity, running private businesses and having unaccounted assets. [2]scripted

ISRO Espionage Case (1994)
In 1994, Sasikumaran, his colleague Nambi NarayananSK Sharma, a Bangalore-based businessman, K. Chandrasekhar (Indian representative of the Russian space agency Glavkosmos), and Maldivian women Mariam Rashida and Fausia Hassan were booked by the Kerala Police on charges of espionage. Police claimed it had credible information and harmful material to show that Narayanan and Sasikumaran were stealing and selling rocket technology secrets to Pakistan; Meanwhile, two Maldivian women were being used as a conduit in a secret mission. In May 1996, the CBI submitted a report before the Chief Judicial Magistrate claiming that the case of espionage was false and that there was no evidence to support the allegations. Accepting the report, the court acquitted all the accused. [3]Hindustan Times

booked under corruption charges
After Sasikumaran’s arrest in the ISRO espionage case (1994), the CBI raided his house and found that apart from a few houses in Thiruvananthapuram, he also owned 1.5 acres of land in an industrial estate in Tamil Nadu. The CBI estimated his assets to be more than Rs 55 lakh and detained him under the Prevention of Corruption Act. [4]India Today

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