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Age: 53 Years

Hometown: Amritsar, Punjab

Spouse: Ashwin Bulchandani

Devika Bulchandani

Devika Bulchandani

Some lesser known facts about Devika Bulchandani

  • Devika Bulchandani is a famous American Indian corporate woman. On 7 September 2022, he was appointed as the global chief executive officer (CEO) of Ogilvy, a global advertising and public relations agency.
  • Devika Bulchandani was raised in Amritsar, Punjab, India until the age of ten. In 1994, she moved to the US soon after her marriage.
  • In 1995, soon after completing her formal education, Devika Bulchandani started her career in advertising. In 1997, she joined McCann’s strategy department. Once, McCann said in one of his articles that Devika is a “beautiful soul” of Bulchandani.
    Devika Bulchandani as a young corporate lady

    Devika Bulchandani as a young corporate lady

  • In July 2014, Devika Bulchandani was appointed as of a global advertising company’and this company works

  • In 2017, Devika Bulchandani was the leader of a campaign titled ‘The Fearless Girl’, which became a symbol of women’s equality in the workplace. The campaign was recognized as one of the most awarded campaigns of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. ‘The Fearless Girl’ campaign was a challenge for the icon of Wall Street. This campaign states,

    To send a message about workplace gender diversity, a bronze statue of a young girl with a charging bull, hands on her hips.

    fearless girl statue

    fearless girl statue

  • During her tenure at McCann, Devika Bulchandani was the one who advocated for Mastercard’s ‘Precious’ campaign. In 2019, he contributed to another campaign called ‘True Name’, which focused on authorizing transgender and non-binary people to show their names on their MasterCard.
    Poster of 'Anmol' campaign by Mastercard

    Poster of ‘Anmol’ campaign by Mastercard

  • In 2021, in a media interaction, Devika Bulchandani spoke about her two bosses under whom she flourished in her advertising career at McCann. He said,

    Those were my wings. I always say that there were two white people who made me who I am, because the last seven years were important. If I had not been taken out of the strategy, I would never have been where I am today. ,

    Devika Bulchandani during the press conference

    Devika Bulchandani during the press conference

  • Devika Bulchandani joined Ogilvy in March 2021. On 9 September 2022, after spending twenty-six years in various roles at McCann, he was officially appointed as Ogilvy’s global chief executive officer. After holding this position, she became the first Indian woman to head a Global Advertising Agency.
  • Once there, Devika Bulchandani contributed highly productive business strategies to WPP, Coca-Cola’s global marketing and network partner. At a press conference, Mark Reid, CEO of WPP, a global leading marketing and communications group, said Devika was a champion of creativity. Mark said,

    Devika is a champion of creativity, with passion, purpose and uncompromising focus to create an impact in everything she does.”

    Devika Bulchandani posing with her colleagues at WPP

    Devika Bulchandani posing with her colleagues at WPP

  • Soon after joining Ogilvy in 2021, Devika Bulchandani began working on the company’s business strategies, which earned Ogilvy new business from popular brands such as Absolute, Enterprise Holdings, World of Hyatt, TD Bank and Audi of America .
    Devika Bulchandani poses with her teammates at Ogilvy

    Devika Bulchandani poses with her teammates at Ogilvy

  • In September 2022, shortly after being appointed as Ogilvy’s global CEO, Devika Bulchandani was given responsibility for the company’s creative network business and its 131 offices in 93 countries. He organized the areas of advertising, public relations, experience, consulting and health units at Ogilvy.
  • Devika Bulchandani has received many honors and accolades including NY Power Woman by New York Moves Magazine, US Advertising Agency Head of the Year by Campaign Magazine and Working Mother of the Year by She Runs It.
  • In September 2022, it was announced that in October 2022, New York Women in Communications (NYWIC) would honor Devika Bulchandani as a woman, “to make a difference, build community and become the next generation of women leaders in their field.” to inspire”. 2022 Matrix Award.
  • Once, in a media interview, Devika Bulchandani revealed that she loved making Thai dishes, including curry paste from scratch in her spare time and mastered twenty of them.

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