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Emily Rose photo
Emily Rose photo

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Emily Rose Biography and Wiki

Emily Rose is an American actress best known for playing Elena Fisher in the critically acclaimed video game series Uncharted and playing Audrey Parker in the lead role in the Syfy series Heaven.

Emily Rose Education

In 2006, Rose graduated from UCLA with a Master of Fine Arts degree in acting. He also earned a degree in theater arts from Vanguard University in Southern California.

Emily Rose Age and Birthday

Rose is 41 years old as of 2022. He was born on 2 February 1981 in Renton, Washington, United States. She celebrates her birthday on 2nd February every year.

Emily Rose Nationality and Ethnicity

Rose is of American nationality. He was born in Renton, Washington, United States. She is of mixed caste. Read also: Susan Blakely

Emily Rose Family

In addition to being the eldest of three children, Rose is the aunt of two nephews and a niece (she also has younger siblings).

Emily Rose Wife and Children

On 6 December 2009, Rose married her longtime boyfriend, Derek Morgan, in Washington. Rose announced on Twitter on 15 January 2013 that she and her husband are expecting a child. A YouTube announcement about the pregnancy was included in the tweet.

On 30 April 2013, a boy named Miles Christian Morgan was born. On August 25, 2015, Rose announced on Twitter that she and her husband were expecting their second child. Rose’s second son, Memphis Ray Morgan, was born on December 31, 2015. Rose announced on April 16, 2019, that she and her husband are expecting their third child. In June 2019, Rose gave birth to a girl named Mercy.

Emily Rose Height

Rose has an average height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.62 m).

Emily Rose net worth

Rose has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Emily Rose The Exorcism of Emily Rose

With her name included, she is not among the cast of Emily Rose’s exorcism. The 2005 supernatural horror legal drama The Exorcism of Emily Rose, directed by Scott Derrickson, starred Laura Linney and Tom Wilkinson. The film is based on the story of Annelies Mitchell, which follows a self-proclaimed agnostic (Linnie) as the defense attorney for a parish priest (Wilkinson), who is accused of reckless murder after an exorcism. is being imposed.

Emily Rose John from Cincinnati

Rose appeared in the role of Cass in John from Cincinnati. Cass is a filmmaker hired by Link Stark to seduce Mitch and end their marriage. Unlike Sissy, Mitch does not want Shawn to become a competition surfer, especially with Link Stark, whom Mitch blames for Butchy’s disastrous failures. Cass was also hired by Link Stark to do this.

Kem Nunn, whose novels have been called “surf noir”, and writer/producer David Milch collaborated on producing John from Cincinnati. The story of the show is about a strange young man who has no idea where he came from and how he affects a dysfunctional family of professional surfers and their community.

Well-known surfers such as Brock Little, Keela Keneally, Dan Malloy, Jon-John Florence, Shane Beschen and Herbie Fletcher appear in surfing scenes in the series. Joe Strummer and Mescaleros’ rendition of “Johnny Appleseed” serves as the series theme song. Songs from “Tick” by Kava Kava and TV on radio, museums, Buddy Guy, Kasabian, and Yardbirds complete the diverse soundtrack.

Emily Rose Haven

Rose began her role as FBI SA Audrey Parker in the Syfy television series Heaven. The show ran till 2015. To capture the runaway criminal, Rose’s character is sent to the Maine seaside town of Haven, which appears to be peaceful. As the story progresses, she digs into the secrets of the decades-old town and stops the FBI and joins the Sanctuary Civil Police Division to help rid the city of its “discomforts,” as The constant city is called mystery.

The Canadian-American supernatural drama television series Heaven is loosely based on The Colorado Kid by Stephen King. The American and Canadian co-production of the show, which was about strange events in a fictional Maine town called Haven, was shot on the south coast of Nova Scotia.

Emily Rose

Rose was responsible for both motion capture and voice acting in the 2007 PlayStation 3 games Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune by Elena Fisher, the main female character, Uncharted 2: Uncharted 3: In Thieves in 2009: Uncharted 4 and Drake’s Desire in 2011: 2016. was responsible for. A Thief’s Endrose portrayed Dr. Tracy Martin in the final season of ER and appeared as a guest star on the episode Two and a Half Men, which aired on January 12, 2009.
Elena is a journalist who works on the investigation and often goes on excursions like Drake. They get together, marry, and have a child together.

Elena was initially created by Naughty Dog only as Drake’s sidekick and romantic interest, and her personality was designed to complement Drake’s. On the other hand, she develops the same skill and resourcefulness as Drake. Rose made the following observation: “In the first game, she’s too young, she’s too naive, and she sees things as very possible. In the moment [game]She’s seen murders and adventures… you see a person growing up as you go.” She’s a bit more reticent and pessimistic. The romance between her and Drake is depicted in the games.

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emily rose movies

  • 2017 – one hour behind
  • 2012 – Heckle or Hell
  • 2011 – The Perfect Plan
  • 2008 – Orphans
  • 2008 – The Last Page
  • 2007 – Speed ​​Dating
  • 2006 – Hurricane Party

emily rose tv show

  • 2019 – Private Eyes
  • 2019 – Matchmaker Christmas
  • 2018 – Lover’s Cheating
  • 2018 – take two
  • 2018 – NCIS
  • 2017 – daughter for sale
  • 2017 – The Killing Pact
  • 2017 – Criminal Minds
  • 2016 – Secret Summer
  • 2014 – Graceland
  • 2013 – Thanksgiving House
  • 2012 – Harry’s Law
  • 2010-2015 – Haven
  • 2010 – Private Practice
  • 2010 – The Perfect Plan
  • 2009 – Operating Instructions
  • 2009 – Two and a half men
  • 2009 – Washington Field
  • 2009 – Ghost Whisperer
  • 2008-2009 – ERO
  • 2008 – Jericho
  • 2008 – Cold Case
  • 2008 – Without a Trace

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