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Age: 42 Years

Marital Status: Married

Hometown: Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

Faizal Malik

Faizal Malik

Some lesser known facts about Faizal Maiko

  • Faisal is an Indian actor and producer, known for his role as Prahlad in the famous OTT series Panchayat 1 and Panchayat 2 released on Amazon Prime.
  • During his school days, Faisal used to actively participate in various acting competitions.
  • At the age of 22, Malik moved to Mumbai to pursue a career in acting, however, after trying for 2-3 months in acting he gave up and started his first job in Sahara channel as a spot boy.
  • In an interview, Faisal revealed that he was completely broke after his elder brother and younger sister passed away and did not speak to his family for almost six years.
  • Faisal received immense love from the audience after his work in the famous OTT series Panchayat 2.
  • Faisal worked as an executive producer in films like Revolver Rani (2014), Main Aur Charles (2015), Saat Uchke (2016) and many more and he has worked in films like Actor (2017), Letters (2017), Bin Bulaye (2018). also built. e.t.c. In 2018, Faisal produced the TV web series SMOKE, which made it one of the highest-rated Indian TV shows with an impressive rating of 8.8 on IMDB.
  • During the TEDx show, the Panchayat actor opened up about his struggling days in Mumbai. They said that

    Kailash Kher also lived in the four bungalow building I lived in. I went and told him that brother, I have to work. When I came to Mumbai, the real world understood that the world we live in is not the world. Mumbai is a separate city. Knowing the picture here does not mean that we see the world. One has to read cinema, one has to understand. Then I started working. Earlier the salary was Rs 750, then it was Rs 900, the salary was also Rs 1200.

  • In an interview, Malik mentioned that he watches a movie or TV series every day to hone his acting skills.
  • According to Faisal, it was easy for him to play Prahlad in the OTT series Panchayat 2 as he hailed from Allahabad and had spent a lot of time in the villages. The actor also said that Panchayat 2 was more challenging for him than the first season.
  • Faisal did a show called Amazing Race in which Faisal Malik worked with the American crew and learned about the style of working there. While working in reality shows, Faisal Malik decided that he wanted to pursue a career in production. He worked as a post-producer in a singing show named Fame Gurukul. He later became a promo producer, where he used to do film promos. In 2004, he quit his job and moved to Zee Cinema channel where he himself used to write, cut and get his promos on-air.
  • The actor said in an interview that he joined online cooking classes during the pandemic.
  • In 2021, Faisal lost his father as he was infected with COVID 19.
  • In 2020, Faizal Malik lost his dog with whom he was very close.
    Picture of Faizal Malik with his dog

    Picture of Faizal Malik with his dog

  • Faizal often keeps posting his smoking pictures on social media sites.
    smoking photo of faisal

    smoking photo of faisal

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