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Geeta Dhami

Geeta Dhami is an Indian politician and famous for being the wife of the youngest Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Pushkar Singh Dhami,


Geeta Dhami was born and brought up in Uttarakhand, India. Her full name is Geeta Pushkar Dhami.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 5″

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Color: Black


parents and siblings

Not much information is available about his parents. His sister’s name is Anita.

husband and children

Geeta Dhami married Pushkar Singh Dhami on 5 February 2011. This couple has two sons. His elder son’s name is Diwakar Singh Dhami and younger son’s name is Prabhakar Singh Dhami.

Geeta Dhami with her husband Pushkar Singh Dhami

Geeta Dhami with her husband Pushkar Singh Dhami

eldest son of geeta dhami

eldest son of geeta dhami

Geeta Dhami's younger son

Geeta Dhami’s younger son

Facts / Trivia

  • Geeta Dhami actively supports her husband and he is involved in humanitarian service. She actively assists her husband in managing the duties of his local constituency. In fact, Geeta Dhami confronts people and then pleads with her husband to remove them because she knows more about the problems of the people of Khatima assembly constituency than Pushkar Singh Dhami. She portrays an energetic social worker, who gives more power to her husband’s image.
  • Geeta is more active on social media than her husband, who shares a lot of religious and other forms of MLA programming, and she freely expresses her views on major issues of the country. Pushkar Dhami was elected MLA for the first time in 2012, which was considered lucky for her husband’s political career.

    I remember when he became MLA from Khatima (/subject/Khatima) for the first time, he never looked back. As MLA from Khatima (/subject/Khatima), he has worked tirelessly for his people. Area. He has devoted most of his time to work for the welfare of the people of his constituency and to discharge his duties as an elected representative.”

  • His successor Tirath Singh Rawat resigned from the job of Chief Minister of Uttarakhand due to political opposition, Pushkar Singh Dhami was announced as the 10th Chief Minister of Uttarakhand on July 3, 2021. After the swearing-in ceremony, the media got a chance to talk to Geeta Dhami, considered Dhami’s lucky charm. During an interaction with the media, he took the opportunity to thank the Bharatiya Janata Party and said,

    I want to thank the party high command, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh, JP Nadda. I would also like to thank the people of Khatima (/subject/Khatima) who elected my husband twice as MLA from this constituency. Seeing his capabilities, the party high command has given him this responsibility. I would also like to assure you that he will faithfully discharge all his responsibilities towards the state and his people. By rising above his position, he will also work beyond his responsibilities.

  • He told the media that when the news of Dhami’s election came, the wife of the CM continued to do her daily chores at home. Someone told her over the phone that her husband was leading the CM, and she confirmed it when she turned on the television.
  • In the 2022 Uttarakhand assembly elections, BJP campaigned from door to door across the state. She also walked in Nagra Terai, installed BJP election symbol and flag in people’s homes. Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami’s wife Geeta Dhami visited the area along with Khatima assembly staff as part of this campaign. During the entire assembly tour, he interacted with the public. At the same time, Geeta Dhami solicits public support for the BJP by waving the BJP flag in people’s homes.
    Geeta Dhami during door-to-door campaign of Bharatiya Janata Party in Uttarakhand

    Geeta Dhami during door-to-door campaign of Bharatiya Janata Party in Uttarakhand

  • The nature of Gita Pushkar includes active participation in social work and willingness to help the distressed and vulnerable.

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