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Girija Tikku

Girija Tikku was an Indian laboratory assistant who was killed during the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the Kashmir Valley in the 1990s.


Girija Tikku was born on Saturday, 15 February 1969.age 21 years; at the time of death) at Arigam, Bandipora, Jammu and Kashmir. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Physical Appearance

Hair Color: Black

Eye Colour: Black


He was born in a Kashmiri Pandit family.

parents and siblings

His brother’s name is Satish Raina.

Girija Tikku with her family

Girija Tikku with her family

Girija Tikku's brother and his family

Girija Tikku’s brother and his family

husband and children

She was married to Girdhari Lal Tikku, who hailed from Bandipora district of Jammu and Kashmir. According to media sources, he had two children (a son and a daughter) at the time of his death.

brutal rape and murder

In the 1980s, Girija was working as a lab assistant in a government school in Trehgam, Jammu and Kashmir. Later, when terrorists threatened Kashmiri Pandits to leave Kashmir, Girija and her family moved to Jammu. In June 1990, she received a call from a colleague that the situation in Kashmir had improved, and that she could receive her salary from the school where she was working. She then went to school to collect her salary, and when she was returning from there, she was kidnapped by five men (jihadi terrorists), including one of her associates. She was then brutally gang-raped by those in the taxi, and then her body was cut in half under a carpenter’s saw. According to media sources, she was alive when her body was cut under the saw. He was murdered on 25 June 1990 and his body was found on the side of the road. In an Instagram post, his niece shared the incident. She wrote,

My father’s sister, Girijia Tikku, was a university librarian who had gone to collect her salary, on her way back the bus she was traveling in was stopped and what happened next still left me trembling, in tears and tears. Leaves in nausea. My aunt was then thrown into a taxi by 5 men (one of them was her colleague), who tortured her, raped her, and then brutally murdered her by cutting her alive with a carpenter’s saw. . Imagine being the brother who had to recognize his bubbly who was not at fault in this fierce battle of total hypocrisy. Till date I have not heard anyone from my family speak about this incident.

she added,

My father tells me that every brother was living in so much shame and anger that he did nothing to get justice for my bubbly bua. I am fortunate to be a part of @KOAYouth @KOAorg where I connect with youth of Kashmiri Pandit community where we can share our past. My request to all of you is to check the files of Kashmir and take your friends and family with you.

A few years later, Girija Tikku’s family moved to America. Later it was learned that similarly many other women were also tortured by the terrorists.

Facts / Trivia

  • His family and friends called him Babli.
  • In 2022, the Hindi film ‘The Kashmir Files’ was released in which Girija’s story was portrayed by an Indian actor. Bhasha Sumbli,
    A still from the film The Kashmir Files' Bhasha Sumbali

    A still from the film The Kashmir Files’ Bhasha Sumbali

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