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Date of Death: 11/10/2020

Hometown: Kot Kapoor, Punjab

Age: 26 Years

Gurlal Jura

Gurlal Jura

Some lesser known facts about Gurlal Brar

  • Gurlal Jura Was an Indian gangster and a member of “Lawrence Bishnoi and his gang”. He was involved in various crimes like murder and extortion.
  • He was born and brought up in Kotakpura, Punjab, India.
  • During his college days, he was elected as the President of a Students’ Union (SOPU) in Panjab University. Gurlal Brar Poster
  • In 2016, during the student union election, he vandalized the posters of opposition parties at DAV College, Sector 10, Chandigarh and threatened them with the consequences of contesting against them.

  • On the evening of 10 October 2020, after spending some time at Play Boy Club in Wave Mall, Chandigarh, he went to Para Club in Centra Mall, a nearby mall to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday, where he got a call from one of his friends. from, who asked him for his Fortuner car, and while he was waiting at the gate of the mall to lend his car to that friend, three motorbike riders came and started firing at Gurlal Brar. Reportedly, after seven rounds of firing, the attackers fled the spot following which the police arrived and took Gurlal Brar to the hospital, where he was declared brought dead.
  • On 11 October 2020, the Davinder Bambiha group claimed responsibility for the murder of Gurlal Brar through a post on social media. According to Davinder Bambiha, this was a revenge for the murder of Lavi Deora by Gurlal Brar and his gang in Kot Kapoor, Punjab. davinder bambiha facebook post
  • After the murder of Gurlal Brar, the police had registered against Dilpreet Singh Dahan alias Baba, the weapon used in the murder of Gurlal Brar, which was recovered by the police from a drain in the industrial area of ​​Chandigarh.
  • The police have also recovered the bike used in the murder of Gurlal Brar. According to the police, the bike was provided by Gurvinder Singh and Gurmeet Singh alias Geeta to the shooters. Later Gurmeet Singh alias Geeta told the police that he had given this bike to the shooters of Kot Kapoor, Neeraj Chaska and Mandeep Mandy.
    Gurmeet Singh aka Geeta

    Gurmeet Singh aka Geeta

  • In 2021, the Punjab Police arrested the main shooter of the Gurlal Brar massacre, identified as gangster Beant Singh. During the police investigation, Beant Singh revealed that he along with Neeraj Chaska and Mandeep Mandy carried out the crime.
  • In the midst of the Gurlal Brar massacre, Chandigarh’s industrial area police was criticized for negligence as Gurlal Brar was a wanted criminal, and the police had no clue when he was enjoying parties in various clubs in the area.
  • In 2020, Gurlal Brar was booked under section 354 after slapping a woman, who was a friend of his girlfriend. Reportedly, Gurlal slapped him after a fight with his girlfriend, following which he was booked by the Industrial Area Police of Chandigarh.
  • After the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala on 29 May 2022, Lawrence Bishnoi and his gang member gangster Goldie Brar claimed responsibility for Moose Wala’s murder. Sachin Bishnoi Dhattaranwali of Lawrence Bishnoi group has claimed the responsibility of killing Sidhu Moose Wala. His name had cropped up in connection with the murders of Vicky Middukheda and Gurlal Brar and yet the police did nothing.”
  • Gurlal Brar used to consume alcoholic beverages on several occasions.
  • He was fond of smoking hookah. Gurlal Brar smoking hookah

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