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Age: 53 Years

Hometown: Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Wine: yes

Himalaya Dasani

Himalaya Dasani

Some lesser known facts about Himalaya Dasani

  • Himalaya Dasani is an Indian film producer, actor and businessman. He is known to be the husband of leading Bollywood actress Bhagyashree,
  • Himalaya Dasani began her career as an operations manager at Hippen Kunstoff Inc. in Los Angeles in 1987. He joined Saima Dasani Marketing Pvt Ltd as the Director of Marketing and Operations after about two years in the firm. CDM represented many multinational manufacturers of plastics, chemicals and bulk drugs in India at that time as a world class foreign trade and agency.
  • Himalaya joined Sita Springs & Steels Pvt Ltd in 1993 as Director of Marketing. While there, he established the Steel Leaf Spring Marketing Network in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra. CSS opted to expand their capacity to meet the needs of their growing customer base due to their exponential growth in operations.
  • Himalaya Dasani became the CEO of Quantum Digital Vision Limited in 1995, where he helped the company successfully raise capital market financing to finance a portion of the plant’s development expenses. As a result of the expansion, an export-oriented entity was developed, and the company successfully began to produce and market its products on the European market. Later, the company ventured into television and film production, finishing several famous TV shows and movies.
  • Himalaya was named Associate Director Business Development in 2009 at Isolux Corsan, a worldwide brand that develops energy, water, environmental, road and railway infrastructure with operations in over 35 countries across four continents. He was the driving force behind the company’s expansion, guiding the team to secure several infrastructure contracts in the areas of roads and power transmission. Thanks to the tenacity and hard work of Dasani and his team, the company has been valued at over $2 billion. Since 2009, the firm has grown its operations and now has concessions to operate four toll roads with a total length of over 700 kilometers and an investment of $2 billion.
  • Himalaya Dasani is the founder of Dasani Construction, a construction firm based in Pune, Indore and Mumbai since 2012.
  • Himalaya began producing teleserials in November 2002, including Kagaz Ki Kashti, which aired on Sahara One. The budget of this serial is at least Rs 5 crore and his wife is also in the role of Aarti. The duo also produced Tanha Dil Tanha Safar, a commercial collaboration with UTV. They later moved into film production and are currently working on a musical love story directed by Raj Sippy and starring Rishi Kapoor.
  • Himalaya Dasani and Bhagyashree have known each other since they were in the same class in primary school. Bhagyashree was the class monitor, and Himalaya was the mischievous kid in the class, according to Bhagyashree, and they used to get into a lot of fights. Sharing childhood memories with her husband, the actress said,

    She was weak in maths and I was very good. So he befriended me to learn maths. I will teach him in the library. I got a chance and I used it.”

  • On the last day of her school, Himalaya Dasani professes her love to Bhagyashree. Later, both were accepted into the same college. Dasani was highly protective of his lady love and made sure that she was protected at all times. When Bhagyashree was asked about her college experience, she said,

    When I went to college, traffic would stop when I had to cross the street because I’m his girlfriend. Also, a table in the college canteen was always reserved for him. Bhagyashree shared, “He didn’t even need to be present. He had many ties. And things would settle down.”

  • Himalaya Dasani along with his wife Bhagyashree made her television debut in 2020 with Star Plus’ reality game program ‘Smart Jodi’. Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain, Gaurav Taneja and Ritu Rathi, Arjun Bijlani and Neha Swamy, and Rahul Mahajan and Natalie Mahajan were among the guests of the show.

  • Himalaya reveals a cryptic secret about their first night together in an episode of ‘Smart Jodi’. He narrated the scenario and said that he had imagined Bhagyashree waiting in a veil after the wedding and festivities. However, this did not happen. When Himalaya entered Bhagyashree’s room, she was wearing a nightgown. “Hello, dear,” he remarked and greeted her with a handshake. The presence of the Himalayas shook me. Hearing the story of Himalaya Dasani, Bhagyashree’s eyes filled with shame. And the rest of the audience started laughing. Bhagyashree said, the nightsuit meant that it was time to sleep and nothing has to happen tonight. When the crowd heard this, everyone burst into laughter. After hearing the same thing about this Bhagyashree, everyone’s mood was spoiled and they could not stop their laughter.
  • Himalaya Dasani is often seen consuming alcoholic beverages at many social functions.
    Himalaya Dasani having a glass of wine

    Himalaya Dasani having a glass of wine

  • He loves to travel and do various adventure activities.

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