How to add more fun to your winters in Dubai?

Winters Activities in Dubai

by Sanju
winters in Dubai

The weather has cooled down a bit, and you won’t feel your back burning in the sun. Although Dubai is known for its glowing sun, which always smiles at us but the winter has little power in the city of skyscrapers. It could be a perfect opportunity to go out and enjoy some moments with your kids while the sun is friendly. Outdoor activities in Dubai during winter will catch your attraction as there is plenty to explore. This post will uncover how you can add more fun and  activities to your winters in Dubai. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Winter activities for more fun in Dubai:

Dubai is home to countless attractions, and visitors of all ages can enjoy the experiences. These activities and attractions are even more friendly when the sun is cooler, and breezes blow through the city. We have compiled a list of sundowner activities you can try and experience with your family and friends to make lasting memories. Let us dive deep into the list without any further ado!

1. Camping in the desert:

We all are surrounded by digital environments – whether in offices or houses. Social media platforms catch our leisure time, and we never get to make sweet memories with our kids. Why not get a break from this and camp in the desert with your family? You don’t need to worry about the scorching heat of the desert as winters make the place human-friendly and bearable.

Some solace in the sand with your family can give you moments of relief, and you can feel revitalized for the month ahead. Dubai desert can offer a combination of the man-made pod and natural wilds to leave you WOW! What about a night in the desert? The twinkling stars above your head can be an unforgettable scene!

2. Explore the desert safari:

Talking about the sand and deserts in Dubai, the adventure would be incomplete without exploring the desert safari. The desert checklist could be extensive, especially in the winters when there is more time to play out in the sand; the desert safari must never be missed. The trip out to the wilderness can test your nerves, and various companies will help you with the adventure.

Riding a 4×4 vehicle in the sand can be a unique experience if you haven’t been to the desert. Apart from this, you can spend a memorable night followed by a morning camel ride and breakfast. Do you want to have this fun with your family? Buy tickets online today and make your next weekend wonderful!

3. Explore the global village:

The global village has become the epitome of adventure as visitors from different parts of the country visit this place. The new season of this village was opened in October 2022, which has further increased its fan base. One of the best outdoor activities you can try in winter is visiting and exploring this village.

The global village has multiple attractions to amaze you, and visitors will never feel bored. The extensive to-explore list of this village will never end, but time will. Sad!

4. Try horse riding:

You have been in love with this adventure since you watched it in your favorite TV series. Now that the sun is not burning, you can ride a horse with your friends and feel like the TV series character. The classic regional activity will never grow old in Dubai, and visitors from different corners have a taste for it.

Most visitors often fancy connecting with horses and riding them. They are well-off with this activity as the adventure will take you back in time. You can select your favorite horse, as over 120 Arabian horses are available for this activity.

5. Never miss the Burj Khalifa:

Keep wandering in the city of Dubai, and you will see one thing from every corner of the city – The Burj Khalifa. Don’t you feel curious to visit and explore the building? It is worth visiting, and you will never regret watching the sunrise and having breakfast at the 124 level of this building. Buy tickets online today if you can’t wait for more to enjoy this scenic beauty!

You probably have heard that Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world, and it would be amazing to visit this prestigious place. The royal experience of this building will get off your mind, even if you recall it after months. Don’t forget to take your kids with you!

Explore Dubai with your family this winter!

Dubai is home to countless attractions, and some of them are worth visiting in the winter. Nothing can beat the fun of Dubai visit, and you must make time to enjoy the adventure. Book your tickets online today and explore the various attractive destinations of Dubai before the sun gets too hot to bear!

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