How to watch Netflix on TV?

by Sanju


Streaming has revolutionized our lives. It allows us to watch movies and shows on our own time. Netflix is the current king.


It is home to thousands of outstanding TV series and films around the globe. Many of these films and TV series are exclusive to the platform.


Netflix can be your only source for success stories like Stranger Things or Bridgerton.


This handy guide will tell you everything you need to know about Netflix.

How to watch Netflix from your TV?


These are the steps to get Netflix working for you if it’s your first time using Netflix.


  1. Connect TV to the internet. Launch the Netflix app.
  2. Click on the button “Start Your Free Month.” The next screen shows you the rules that will govern your month-long subscription. Click “Continue.”
  3. Choose the right plan for you, and click “Continue.” Here are the details for each plan. They can also be found on Netflix.
  4. The screen will prompt you to create your Netflix profile. Click on the “Continue” button.
  5. To create your Netflix Account, enter your mobile number.
  6. You will receive a text message containing a link to your phone. To continue, open the message in a browser.
  7. Enter your email ID password and click continue. If you wish to continue Netflix after your trial, you will have to make a payment.
  8. Enter your credit/debit card details; click the “I agree” checkbox, and then click the “Start Member” button. Now, you can stream Netflix content to your TV.


You can Log in with easy steps using with the Tv code from the TV screen. once you’re done. Netflix’s main screen features five menu options: My List, Home, Series, Films, and Recently Added. These menus can also be categorized as Trending Now or Netflix Originals. You can even create your content playlist to watch further. The content you add can be synced to other devices so you can keep viewing it on your phone and tablet.


It doesn’t matter if your TV has Netflix. You have a few alternatives to Netflix, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Google Chromecast. These devices are small, lightweight, and very easy to set up. To learn more about the device, stop by your local Reliance Digital shop and request a demonstration. Online buy is possible through the website.

What does Netflix cost, and what is the price?


Netflix is an internet streaming service that lets you instantly watch 1,000s of movies and TV shows. They can be streamed to any device with an internet connection, including televisions, tablets, or phones. Netflix films and other programming can be watched on a personal computer.


You only pay one monthly subscription fee. Netflix can be viewed simultaneously on different devices, depending on the subscription plan. You can also choose to see a video in different quality settings, depending upon which subscription you have: standard and high or 4K UltraHD.

There are 3 subscription options available:


Basic: A monthly subscription of PS6.99/$9.99 allows you to view standard definition video (SD) on one device.


Standard: Ps10.99/$15.49 a Month. This allows you to watch HD videos on two devices at once.


Premium: The price of PS15.99/$19.99/month allows you to view 4K Ultra HD video (with HDR when available) on up four devices simultaneously.


Nearly all movies and shows are available in HD. A lot of them are also available in Ultra HD. Many TVs come with HDR10, the standard HDR10 for most televisions, and Dolby Vision for TVs capable of supporting it.


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