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humaira asghari

Humaira Asghar is a Pakistani actress and model.


Humaira Asghar was born on Saturday 10 October 1992.age 29 years; by 2021) in Karachi, Pakistan. Their zodiac sign is Libra. He studied in a government school in his locality. After completing his primary and secondary education, he joined the National College of Arts (NCA) Lahore, Pakistan to study painting, sculpture and graphic arts. Humaira was inclined towards acting since childhood. She used to participate in various school plays in her childhood.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 5″

Eye Colour: brown

Hair Color: brown

humaira asghari


parents and siblings

Humaira Asghar was born in Karachi, Pakistan in a middle-class family. His father’s name is Asghar Ali Choudhary and he is a doctor.


Humaira was fond of acting and drama since childhood. He started practicing acting professionally while studying in college. She has worked as a fashion model for many international and local brands including Porsche, Guess International, Ali Zeeshan, Borjan, Deepak Perwani, Mousumeri, House of Ittehad, and many more. She participated in the Veet Miss Supermodel contest and was one of the top three finalists. She has been doing serious and creative theater for the past 9 years on behalf of colleges and universities, and then working professionally with major theatrical companies and groups such as Rafi Peer Group, Ajoka, Alhumra Arts Council, Sufi Tabbasum Group and others. Is. She has made 110+ appearances per year (2002 to 2011). In Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, he has performed in memes, theater plays and theater management. Professionally on behalf of Lahore Kala Parishad, Rafi Pir Theatre, Sufi Tabassam Academy, Aurat Foundation and other organizations. I have played primary lead roles in all of them.


In May 2022, a video of a Pakistani model posing in front of a forest fire went viral across the internet. Various media houses published about the video and claimed to be Humaira Asghar’s model in the viral video. In the new video, the model can be seen in a silver ball gown, with a fire lit in the background, and a man standing next to her. The video was captioned,

Look friends, we have come here and the forest is on fire. If you have asked them, then what are they saying, tell me.

The man then says that he had set fire to the bushes to scare away the big snakes that live there. He claimed that the snakes were putting the lives of his children at risk, so he used fire to scare them. He says, “That’s why we started this fire, big snakes have come out.. Our children are in danger.”

The actress started receiving huge hatred from the audience and her followers. Enraged netizens began demanding a punishment calling her act ‘criminal behaviour’, in response to her recording, Pakistani environmental activist Reena Saeed Khan Satti saying, “Instead of glamorizing her, she should have tried to put out the fire.” ” One of his followers posted on Twitter,

This TikToker from Pakistan has set the forest on fire for a 15-second video. The government should ensure that the culprits are punished and along with the brand Tiktokkar should also be punished.

Later, Humaira Asghar took to Instagram to post about the misunderstanding of being in the video. She claimed that she is in the video that is getting so much hate and that the media has confused her with another social media creator.

Several well-known local and international social media platforms have misunderstood my name #HumairaAsghar and published a reference to #Dolly aka #NousheenSyed, the news of the famous TikToker making a video of forest fires that sparked anger. It should be noted that I, Humaira Asghar Ali and Dolly, are two different people. And I have nothing to do with this case nor with Dolly. I humbly request all the platforms who have misunderstood me with Dolly to correct the mistake. ,

Facts / Trivia

  • She is an animal lover and is often seen posting pictures with random animals.
  • The actress is a fitness freak and focuses on eating a clean diet.
  • Her other interests and hobbies include jewelery design, pottery design, fashion design and writing arts and crafts blogs.

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