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Instagram direct message API

Brands across the world are diversifying their avenues of creating an audience for their business. It is not exactly easy. With the business operations getting more complex and the customers preferring more dynamic responses to their queries before making a purchase, the challenges are many. But what’s the solution? In hindsight, social media is the boon to get businesses struggling in the rut of not being able to find customers. 

Over the next few minutes, stay tuned to find out HOW.

Importance of Instagram direct message API:

1- Making customers aware of your brand

When there is an increase in the communication between a brand and a customer, it is likely to yield higher satisfaction. Direct messaging offers that. When a business approaches a potential customer of a particular demographic through Instagram direct message API, there is a factor of getting loyalty. If you make the people believe that they can trust your brand by sliding into their DMs, it is likely that they would want to foster a lasting relationship with you. 

2- Making a customized shopping experience

Every customer nowadays bases their brand selection on the type of experience they are getting. They don’t want traditional responses and answers followed by a long phone call. Social media is the new dawn for them and businesses should get cracking to exploit it. If a potential customer likes a product from your catalog, they don’t have to go to the website or write an email or call you to resolve a query. It should be such that they can instantly text you and you can assist them via the Instagram direct message API. There are two things that happen here. Firstly, the responses are super quick no matter when the customer texts you. Secondly, you can customize the shopping experience by providing options of similar products to your customers to choose from. And then, always remember to circle back and follow up. 

3- Making responses prompt

It goes without saying, if someone is kept waiting for 24 hours to get an answer to a question, they’ll be rattled. Wouldn’t you? Well, business in the modern times is all about speed and convenience. Hence, the businesses should ask themselves, do they bring that to the table? With the help of instagram direct message API, the response time can be reduced drastically. The API works 24/7, it doesn’t sleep or nap. Hence, there is a solid chance that the response is well within the time frame of the customers being online on Instagram. Lengthy responses are a big NO. it doesn’t matter what time zone you are in or your customer is or what country for that matter. The responses through API are designed in a way to be prompt and quick. 

And thus, to conclude it is obvious that businesses need to revamp and re-innovate. They need to strategise harbouring social media for maximum benefits. 

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