Instagram Sponsored Ads: The Good and the Bad

Instagram Sponsored Ads

by olivia jones

You have just started your business and now you want a perfect marketing strategy to promote it. Sharing it on social media platforms would be the best idea, especially on Instagram as it’s the most versatile platform for marketers and business owners. As it has more than millions of active users that post content on daily basis. This app has a huge collection of built-in features and functions through which you can create engaging content and post it directly on Instagram. It’ll prove to be a powerful way to boost the growth of your business.

Instagram advertising is used by most businesses to gain instant popularity and reach on their posts. Businesses spend money on posting advertisements to promote their products. But are they worth the cost of your money, time, and effort? We’ll analyze every factor of Instagram-sponsored ads and how they affect your business negatively and positively.

We’ll start by defining the basis of Instagram ads and then their effectiveness:

Basics of Instagram Advertising

Instagram ads are paid posts that are posted by businesses and brands to show them to a new audience. Just like some brands buy Instagram followers to increase their list of followers. You can specify where you want to show ads whether on feed posts, the homepage, or Instagram stories. Every advertisement post will have a mark of sponsored tag that shows your videos are paid. Besides that, no one can analyze whether this video is an advertisement or not if they are shown naturally. You can post Instagram ads in the format of your choice, whether in a photo or video. There are two types of Instagram ads cost per click and pay per impression. How to grow your Instagram page?

Now we’ll discuss all the pros and cons of Instagram advertisement:



Posting Instagram ads comes with low risky and affordable way to showcase your content to new audiences. Because you only have to pay if the user clicks on that ad or either sees it for longer. If you want to know the rates, timing, and other information you’ll have to go into detail about a location, industry, and ad placement. After calculating all this you’ll find out that Instagram ads are affordable. Also, the high engagement rate and ROI of your post will prove that they are well worth it.

Targeted Behavior

With Instagram advertisements, you can directly target the audience based on their age and location. Just like a PPC campaign, you can even analyze the app behavior, similarly, with an Instagram profile downloader, you can analyze the interest of your targetted audience. This will surely benefit your business because instead of targeting just anybody you can show your content to those users who are interested in it. Most likely such people will buy your services or products. Before targeting you have to do customer research and for that Instagram, insights will help in a better way.

Different Formats of Ads

You can post ads in different formats according to your targeted audience. Instagram let you post content in photos, videos, branded content, and Instagram shopping that resonates more with different people. You can generate brand awareness by partnering with brands and in return find new customers and increase the reach of your posts.

Keep a Track of Your Performance

You can always monitor the performance of your campaign that whether it’s on right track or if you need to make changes to it. Keeping reports of your ad campaign and then making changes accordingly will help you to achieve better results. Instagram has built-in tools that help you monitor your ads and adjust their budget and schedule.


Specific Audience

After discussing all the pros we’ll discuss Instagram marketing also, as several aspects need to be improved. Which limited audience is the one that needs attention because most of the users are younger than 34 years of age. While the two third of Instagram users are aged between 18 and 29. It’s difficult to target an audience from this age range.

Less Space to Express

Instagram is all about sharing visual content and there is less space to add text. Although no one can deny the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words. Still, you need to express some of your thoughts in words. While you can add additional information in captions but for an Instagram ad, you have to post a picture or video.

Using Instagram Ads is Worth It?

With all the points discussed above, you would have got the idea that posting Instagram ads comes with great benefits. Also, its affordability and effectiveness make it a viable strategy for businesses and brands. All you need to do is thorough research on customers through insights and you’ll reap quick and positive results. Especially if your targeted audience is mostly on the social media platform.

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