Iqbal Ratnasi (Zaheer Iqbal’s father) Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Biography & More

Iqbal Ratnasi

Iqbal Ratnasi is an Indian businessman. He is known for being the father of Bollywood actor, Zaheer Iqbal Ratnasiwho appeared in the 2019 film “Notebook” as the lead role.


Iqbal Ratnasi lives in Mumbai. He is the owner of several businesses in Mumbai.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 5

Hair Color: salt and pepper

Eye Colour: black

Iqbal Ratnasi with his son


parents and siblings

Not much information is available regarding the name or profession of his parents or siblings.

wife and children

The name and profession of his wife are not known.

Iqbal Ratnasi with his wife

Iqbal Ratnasi with his wife

Sanam Ratnasi is his eldest daughter. He is a famous Bollywood stylist.

Iqbal Ratnasi's daughter Sanam Ratnasi

Iqbal Ratnasi’s daughter Sanam Ratnasi

his eldest son’s name is Zaheer Iqbal Ratnasi, He is an actor by profession.

Iqbal Ratnasi's son Zaheer Iqbal Ratnasi

Iqbal Ratnasi’s son Zaheer Iqbal Ratnasi

His youngest son’s name is Mohammad Ladha. He is a graduate in Computer and Information Science from Auckland University of Technology (AUT).

Iqbal Ratnasi's youngest son, Mohammad Ladha

Iqbal Ratnasi’s youngest son, Mohammad Ladha

Iqbal Ratnasi with his family

Iqbal Ratnasi with his family

religion/religious thought

Iqbal Ratnasi follows Islam.


On 25 October 2005, Iqbal Ratnasi set up a construction company named Stallmac Developers Pvt Ltd and became a director. He was the Managing Director of the company till 2011, after which he relinquished his appointment. Iqbal Ratnasi jointly owns a construction company, Blackstone Housing & Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, with his son, Zaheer Iqbal Ratnasi, He heads the company as a joint director. On 26 February 2016, he set up another company in partnership with Zaheer. The company, Films Tools Lights & Grip LLP, specializes in the manufacture of lighting equipment used on film sets. On 10 February 2020, he was appointed as a Joint Director in Zaheer’s company Zaheer Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

Facts / Trivia

  • Iqbal Ratnasi is closely associated with the Bollywood film industry, as he is a very close family friend of the Bollywood superstar, Salman Khan,
  • Salman Khan Iqbal Ratnasi has a loan of Rs 2011 which he had taken from him in the early 1980s. Salman Khan made Iqbal’s son Zaheer Iqbal Ratnasi a Bollywood star and promised to return the money with full interest, which would be worth over 200 crores. Iqbal’s son Zaheer said during an interview,

    I remember Salman bhai saying that he still owes my father Rs 2011 which he had taken to evict his girlfriend. He once told me that he would make me a star of 200 crores in Bollywood and return the money to my father with interest. That will be his interest in Rs.2011, which he had borrowed.

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