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Justin Bibis

Justin Bibis is a Pakistani musical duo of the sisters of Sania Tabaydar and Muqadas Tabaydar. He became famous after his singing video of Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” went viral on the internet.


Justin Bibis is sung by Sania Tabaidaar and Mukkadas Tabaydar. The sisters were born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan. Since her infancy, the sisters have been enjoying duet singing and music. Since then, he has been practicing a variety of Bollywood and Pakistani tunes. During a media interview, Sania said that she and her sister were fond of Justin Bieber, which is an American music phenomenon. Despite the fact that they could not understand proper English, they loved his songs and listened to them over and over again.


Both sisters, Sania Tabaidar and Mukkadas Tabaydar, were born in Lahore, Pakistan. They are related to Reshma, a Pakistani folk singer honored with Sitara-e-Imtiaz, and her ancestors came from Rajasthan. Other members of his family who have entered the world of singing include Naseebo Lal, Nooran Lal and Farah Lal. According to accounts, Sania and Mukkadas belong to a low-income family in Lahore. He has not completed secondary school.

story of success

The popularity of Sania Tabaidaar and Muqqdas Tabaydar soared when a singing video of them went viral on the internet, garnering over 1.5 million views and over 68,000 views in three days. The two were seen singing Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” in a foreign accent.

After this, he gained huge popularity and media houses talked about reaching out to him. During a media interaction his proud mother said,

I still can’t believe it all happened to my daughters, thanks to Justin Bieber. I like her a lot. I think he’s like my son.”

His mother also said that she listened to the song in Urdu about 70 times before copying and memorizing it. The singing duo was also featured in the anthem ‘Phir Se Game Uthade’ for the ICC World Cup 2015 in 2015. The song is based on Matt Sloggett and Cassie Carlon’s 1992 smash “Who Rules the World”. Justin Bieber’s song competed with the original World Cup anthem, which featured an all-star lineup. However, the song, which featured Atif Aslam, Faisal Kapadia, Asrar and Jimmy Khan, as well as Aamina Sheikh, Adnan Siddiqui and Adnan Malik on vocals, fell a bit flat. Anand Malik explained the concept of the new version of the song as follows,

You have to love social media because when I did a call to action on Facebook, I managed to track them down. When Zoe and I met them, we couldn’t tell who was more starstruck – us or them! Zoe and Adnan Saeed, who produced the audio, mentioned that we should include qawwali in the new anthem and hence we decided to merge the two. ,

He also added,

It was a great experience working with him. This is a domestic talent, who is very well brought up by his mother. With no formal training, the two sisters are in great harmony. ,

Justin Bibis announced a collaboration with Hasan Rahim and Talal Qureshi in 2021 to produce a fusion-fueled single for the 14th season of Coke Studio, a Pakistani music series featuring studio-recorded music by renowned and upcoming musicians. Shows performance. He performed the song PK Hut, which was published on February 19, 2022.

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