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Kapil Gupta

Kapil Gupta also known as Kapil Gupta MD is an executive coach, author and personal advisor to Kings, Queens, CEOs, professional athletes, celebrities and performing artists around the world. He hails from Concord, North Carolina, USA and has devoted more than 25 years of his life to understanding the basic nature of the human mind and developing and polishing the skills to work from an Eastern perspective. The books written by him are fundamentally based on truth and freedom, their existence, meaning and what steps they follow to achieve in real life.


Kapil Gupta is a mastermind and founder of the company, ‘Siddha Performance’ which teaches us humans to transcend boundaries and reach their maximum potential to control our supernatural superpowers. Most of his clients are world’s elite and a select few celebrities. ‘Siddha Performance’ is about achieving the truth and its practice in our daily life to achieve success and become familiar with the essence of life. Kapil has a way of deeply understanding and explaining his vision of living a fruitful life and giving it meaning.


wife and children

Kapil Gupta is married and has a son named Abhay Gupta.

Kapil Gupta's son Abhay Gupta

Kapil Gupta’s son Abhay Gupta


Coach and personal advisor

After researching the fundamental behavior of the human brain for more than 10 years, he discovered some unknown truths in the world of professional sports. So to prove those truths, he decided to experiment with professional golf. After experimenting, he observed that players excel at their game for several hours a day but the results of the tournament were not according to the practice they had done. He concluded that ‘Excellent performance on a world-class stage doesn’t come from spending 100% of the time, it comes from gaining skills that came from accessing skills that took years to assemble.’ Many world class officials and sportspersons are grateful to him for their personal and professional growth. he has some clients

  • Lynn Tilton, Founder and CEO, Patriarch Partners, LLC

I have had the honor of studying with those special souls who deserve the powers of the universe. This gift has been given to me by someone else who has earned that honour, Kapil Gupta. I am eternally grateful, for his mortal transcription of the words given by Amar in pure form. ,

  • Naval Ravikant, Founder and CEO, AngelList, Silicon Valley

Kapil is more than just an executive coach. He understands the human condition and speaks the truth with inner authority. I give him credit for making a real, positive change in the way I live and work.”

  • Hayley Wickenheiser, 6-time Olympian, 4-time Olympic gold medalist in women’s ice hockey

It has been wonderful working with Dr. Gupta. He has the ability to get to the root of human performance and allows you as an athlete to understand that athlete problems are really human problems. It’s another level of discovery than anything I’ve ever done in my career, and it’s helped me make real progress in performance and well-being. ,

  • Tomas Pacina, Skills Coach, 2016 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins

Dr Gupta’s work is for those who dream of immortality in sports. Those who imagine to be the legends of their craft. Who knows, hidden deep in his soul lies an infinite potential, waiting to be awakened and free, forever to change the way humans view their game. This journey with Dr Gupta will be the toughest one ever. But only that will lead you to the truth of who you are and what you are truly capable of. You will experience the kind of freedom and peace that cannot be described in words. ,


Kapil is a prominent author whose books are quite knowledgeable and guide the reader on the spiritual and mental path to attain satisfaction, peace and happiness in life. The books written by him are as follows:

  • In 2016, Atmamun: The Path to Achieve the Bliss of the Himalayan Masters. and the freedom of a living god
  • In 2017, Whispers of A Master’s Secret: For Those Who Hate Noise and Seek the Truth… About Life and Life
  • In 2018, Direct Truth: The Uncompromising, Non-Instructional Truths for Life’s Enduring Questions

What is Proven Performance?

proven performance

proven performance

‘Siddha Performance’ is a company and a concept that works for the spiritual benefit of the people and defines everything on the basis of truth. According to Kapil,

‘Siddha Performance’ is dedicated to the truth.

The Truth About Supreme Creativity.

The truth about the ultimate human performance.

The truth about the acquisition of supernatural skills.

The truth about gaining access to accumulated skills.

The Truth About Finding Peace.

Truth of living in freedom

The truth about the fundamental nature of the human mind.

words of wisdom

  • A human is a god. The mind prevents him from living together. When a person transcends his mind, he becomes a living God.
  • Truth is the central source from which all problems arise – and upon examining the source and removing its central element – the problem will collapse. This One Truth is the source of all human miseries, distractions, faults, habits, conflicts and commonalities.
  • You are present when you overcome all the obstacles that stand in the way – the biggest being yourself.
  • Because if you tell a person the “how” to do something, he will be subject to the how forever. And never to The Thing.
  • Awareness is the cure – everything is done when you are not fully aware of the truth.
  • Don’t be fooled by positive ‘self-talk’ – because unless you understand the voice in your head, you will be controlled by it.
  • Leadership Comes Down To Leading Yourself With Perfection – When You Act With An Honest Motivation And Your Eyes Are Always On Yourself – Seeing The Holes In Yourself – Others Will Be Forced To Follow You .
  • If you are empty professionally, something inside you is accepting your current situation. The ease of being there matters more to you than the discomfort of the alternative.
  • Because life is arranged in a particular way. It creates problems so we can investigate them. And through a sincere investigation, the solution naturally emerges.
  • Life has cleverly placed the solution in the depths of the problem.
  • The journey you must make is a journey from within you to a person independent of the circus that surrounds you.

Facts / Trivia

  • Their services are exclusively available to only top notch and elite customers.
  • Golf is the game he chose to prove and test the result of his theory.
  • Kings, Queens, CEOs, performing athletes and performing artists are some of their premium clients.
  • According to Kapil, our brain works at 5 percent capacity, but it can be activated in just 90 seconds.
  • Knowing the truth behind the world of professional golf, he put his son into golf and now, Abhay is a golfer too.
  • Kapil Gupta has an Instagram account (@siddhaperformance) with 1219 followers but he follows only one person which is his son Abhay Gupta. He is followed by 96.7k people on Twitter.
  • He posts articles on his official website and releases podcasts and interviews.

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