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Hometown: Naharpur Rupa Village in Gurugram

Age: 40 Years

Wife: Roshni Choudhary

Kaushal Choudhary

Kaushal Choudhary

Some lesser known facts about Kaushal Chaudhary

  • Kaushal Chaudhary is a notorious gangster from Gurugram, who is associated with Davinder Bambiha Group. He is infamous for the murder of Congress leader Vikas Choudhary outside a gym in Faridabad in 2019. He was absconding from police custody for many years and was arrested by the Special Task Force of Gurugram Police in 2019. Before his arrest in 2019, Kaushal was one of the most wanted gangsters in Delhi NCR and had a reward of Rs. 5 lakh on his head.
  • Before entering the world of crime, Kaushal Chaudhary used to sell and repair submersible water pumps in his village.
  • Chowdhary’s tryst with crime began with a family land dispute with gangster Sudesh alias Chhelu, who was killed in 2004. A year later, Sudesh killed Kaushal’s brother over the same land dispute. Furthermore, their feud led to the murder of around nine members of both the groups and ended with the murder of Chhelu by Choudhury on 12 December 2006. After the incident, Kaushal was arrested by the Gurugram police.
    Kaushal Chaudhary in police custody

    Kaushal Chaudhary in police custody

  • While in jail, Kaushal met many dreaded criminals and formed a gang of his own. Important members of his group include Gujjars and Amit Dagar from Rajasthan.
  • While serving in prison, Kaushal conspired to murder Sudesh’s wife and shot her dead in 2009, when Kaushal was out on bail.
  • Thereafter, he escaped from police custody and further expanded his group, committing horrific crimes such as murder, threat of murder, dacoity, land grabbing, extortion and kidnapping.
  • Kaushal emerged as one of the most dreaded gangsters in Gurugram and Delhi after the arrest of Binder Gurjar by Gurugram Police in 2016 and the encounter of Sandeep Gadoli.
  • Thereafter, he expanded his operations to other parts of Haryana and Rajasthan by extorting huge amounts of money from traders, property dealers and traders.
  • Soon, he befriends gangster Surendra Jeong and forms an alliance with him to eliminate his rivals in Gurugram and strengthen his gambling and illicit liquor business. Together, the two committed several murders in 2016 and 2017.
  • In 2017, Kaushal fled to Thailand, from where he moved to Dubai and settled there. After this he used to run his gang from Dubai.
  • In 2019, he ordered his henchmen to kill Congress leader Vikas Choudhary. After the murder of Vikas, a Red Corner Notice was issued against Kaushal.
  • In the same year, Vikas was brought back from Dubai. Upon entering India, Kaushal was arrested by the Special Task Force of the Gurugram Police at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Palam, Delhi.
    Kaushal Chaudhary in the arrest of STF

    Kaushal Chaudhary in the arrest of STF of Gurugram Police

  • Reportedly, he was in a live-in relationship with a girl named Manisha, who was three months pregnant with Kaushal’s child in 2019. When doctors refused to terminate her pregnancy, she was in for an abortion. While disclosing about Manisha’s pregnancy during the interview, Kaushal said,

    After doctors in Dubai refused to terminate her pregnancy, she had to abort the unborn child at a private hospital in Delhi. He was supposed to return to Dubai in July, but was arrested from Burari in Delhi on June 4 for his involvement in murder and extortion cases in Gurugram.

  • Later, Chowdhary joined hands with the dreaded gangster. Neeraj Bawana To increase his dominance.
  • Gangsters were trying to expand their sphere of influence, alliances started forming in North India. one side, Lawrence Bishnoi The gangsters were accompanied by Subbe Gujjar (Gurugram), Kala Jathedi (Haryana), Jitendra Gogi (Outer Delhi), Anand Pal Singh (Rajasthan), and Hashim Baba (Northeast Delhi). On the other hand, Bishnoi’s rival Davinder Bambiha had tied up Neeraj Bawana (Delhi), Kaushal Choudhary (Gurgaon), and Sunil alias Tillu Tajpuria (Outer Delhi). While the Lawrence Bishnoi Syndicate is arguably the most notorious, it has faced stiff competition from the Davinder Bambiha Syndicate. There have been many wars between the two factions. In August 2021, Kaushal Chaudhary, along with his aide Amit Dagar, hatched a conspiracy to assassinate the young Akali Dal leader. Vicky Middukhera in Mohali. Apparently, Vicky’s association with Lawrence Bishnoi led to his murder. Later, Punjabi actor and Congress leader Sidhu Musewala To avenge the murder of Middukheda, members of the Bishnoi gang shot dead.
  • He was also involved in the murder of Kabaddi international player Sandeep Nangal Ambian, who was murdered on 14 March 2022 in Jalandhar, Punjab.
  • His name also figured in the murder of a Congress leader.
  • In a battle for dominance, Lawrence plans to assassinate two real brothers of a liquor baron who were very close to Kaushal Choudhary in Gurugram’s Pataudi town. Apparently, Lawrence murdered the brothers in order to dominate the liquor business in Delhi.
  • In September 2022, gangster Sandeep Sethi alias Sandeep Bishnoi (Gangster) was shot dead in front of the public while he was returning from a court in Nagaur district of Rajasthan. Later, Kaushal Choudhary and the Bambiha group claimed responsibility for his murder through a Facebook post.
  • Kaushal is often described as the ‘new face’ of the Gurugram underworld.
  • He addresses himself as the king of North India.
  • Kaushal Chaudhary has deep faith in Lord Shiva.
  • Kaushal is very particular about his fitness and follows a strict workout regimen.
    kaushal chaudhary doing workout

    kaushal chaudhary doing workout

  • Apparently, Kaushal is operating a gang of around 50 members and has around 200 cases registered against him in different states of India (as of 2022).
  • In 2022, his house in Naharpur Roopa village was raided by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in a case related to narco-terrorism.
    NIA members outside Kaushal Chaudhary's house

    NIA members outside Kaushal Chaudhary’s house

  • Kaushal Chaudhary is lodged in Gurdaspur Jail in Punjab till 2022.

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