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Education: Bachelor in Theater and Film

Age: 26 Years

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

kim min-ha

kim min-ha

Some lesser known facts about Kim Min-ha

  • Kim Min-ha is a South Korean actress and model. She gained popularity for her portrayal of ‘Kim Sunja’ in the American drama series ‘Punchiko’ (2022).
  • While growing up, Kim was a shy person. According to her, whenever she had to give a presentation, she used to tremble and sweat. However, when he performed on stage (singing), he felt something different. She felt excited when she sang.
  • When Kim was in elementary school, she wanted to become a voice actor, which later inspired her to pursue a degree in film and theater.
  • According to her, her parents wanted her to become a professor of English in a university. They did not agree for her to become an actress. After a year of persuading her parents, they succumbed to her wish, and she enrolled at Hanyang University for a degree in theater and film.
  • As her parents were against her going into the performing arts, she went to a music academy and a voice acting academy without her parents’ knowledge.
  • Because his parents wanted him to become an English professor, they taught him English from an early age; Her parents asked her to attend three or four English academies and language training. In an interview, she talked about it and said that it was difficult for her as a child, but she was grateful as it helped her a lot.
  • At the age of twenty, she was a bystander, a man who should have replaced the lead in case of emergency in a play. Before the performance, the head of the play suffered injuries, which led to him playing the lead. In an interview, she discussed her experience and said,

    I still remember the catharsis I felt then. I love standing in front of someone, emitting energy. Ever since I came to know about it, I have dreamed of becoming an actor.”

  • While Min-ha was pursuing graduation, she appeared in several short films and music videos and also worked as a cosmetic or lookbook model.
  • In December 2011, she gave a singing performance at the Sandfactory concert, where she sang ‘Best friend, right!’ Sung. by English singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse.

  • After graduation, Min-ha worked as an English teacher for an elementary school. But, he never gave up acting, as he taught his students to act in plays. Also, he focused on developing himself as an actor by watching plays, musicals and films and traveling to nearby places for inspiration. She kept sharing her profile with people and kept auditioning for roles.
  • During his struggling years as an actor, he turned to meditation. After three months, she was able to regain full concentration. Meditation helped clear her mind about different things, which is why she used to meditate regularly in the morning.
  • In 2017, he was seen in the Kdrama ‘School 2017’ (2017), which aired on KBS2. In the drama, she played the supporting role of Young-guns (played by South Korean actress Ha Seung-ri) group member ‘Yo Seung-eun’; Young-gun, a school bully in the series, later turns out to be a police officer. The superhit drama was the seventh installment of the famous ‘School’ series which talks about the life and career of high school students and the issues they face.
    school 2017

    school 2017

  • In 2018, Min-ha starred in the Kdrama ‘Partners for Justice’, in which she played ‘Park Mi-young’, a prosecutor in the office of Kang Hyun (played by South Korean actor Park Eun-seok). Works.
  • In 2020, he starred in four South Korean films- Main Street, Killer Swell: Our Space, The Call and Homecoming.
  • Min-ha has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar US, W Korea, Cine21, Vogue Korea and The Hollywood Reporter.
  • Describing himself in an interview, Min-ha said that he once wrote a diary where he compared himself to a slime. Sludge is neither solid nor liquid; Sludge is not solid or liquid; It may be solid or may be blown away by the tide. Similarly, she is flexible-strong, but she doesn’t know what she will be in the future.
  • According to him, for his character of ‘Sunja’ in ‘Pachinko’, he searched many sources and his grandmother was one of them. Since her grandmother lived in that era, she was a perfect source to know about those times. She had a lot of conversations with her grandmother, which helped her a lot.
  • She has an English Bulldog named Moonak, who has her own Instagram account; She often posts pictures of Moon and her friends on it.
    Kim Min-ha with her pet, Moonko

    Kim Min-ha with her pet, Moonko

  • Kim is often seen consuming alcohol at parties and events.

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