Know Visa Requirements for Citizens of China

Know Visa Requirements for Citizens of China

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Visiting India provides a piece of paradise for everyone to enjoy. India is a country of endless beauty with the Himalayan mountains, the astonishing Kerala backwaters, most impressive cave paintings, and white sand turquoise water beaches. It is also full of adventure for those who want to explore massive temples, wildlife safaris and national parks, as well as mesmerizing spiritual sites. Traveling to INDIAN VISA FOR CHINESE CITIZENS has become very simple and easy since the implementation of electronic visas in 2014.

Currently, citizens of 166 countries can complete the online application form from the comfort of their home, including citizens of China.

Applying for the India visa for Chinese citizens is mandatory and should be done at least 4 days prior to the intended trip. The whole process does not take longer than 15 minutes to complete and a response can be expected within 2 to 4 business days, at the maximum.

However, applicants can apply for the Indian e-Visa up to 120 days in advance.

Do Chinese Citizens Need a Visa for India?

Chinese citizens must have a visa before traveling to India. Depending on the purpose of the visit, there are three main categories of visas that travelers can apply for: tourist visa, medical visa, and business visa.

The India tourist visa for Chinese citizens is a dounle-entry electronic visa which is valid for 1 year and stays of 90 consecutive days within the territory.

The India business visa for Chinese citizens allows longer stays of 180 days at a time throughout its 1 year validity. It also grants double entry.

Whereas, the India medical visa for Chinese citizens has a shorter validity period of 60 days in total, counting from the date of entry into India. It allows three entries throughout its validity and stays can last up to 60 consecutive days, at the maximum.

Required Documents for Getting the Indian Visa for Chinese Citizens

The India visa requirements for citizens of China include the following:

  • Scanned bio page of passport showing clear photography and personal details (name, date of birth, nationality, expiry date, etc.)
  • Recent front facing photography with a white background
  • Passport, at least six months of remaining validity from the date of intended arrival
  • Two blank passport pages for stamps
  • Return plane ticket or onward journey ticket
  • Debit or credit card for the visa fee payment
  • Proof of sufficient financial means during the stay in INDIA VISA APPLICATION
  • Valid email address

The digital photography specifications are as follows:

  • White background
  • Height and width must be equal
  • JPEG format
  • Clear full face, centered, eyes open, front view
  • No borders
  • A minimum size of 10 KB up to a maximum of 1 MB

Whereas, the scanned bio page of the passport must adhere to the following specifications:

  • PDF format
  • Size from 10 KB up to a maximum of 300 KB

How Long Does It Take to Get a Visa for India from China?

To get the India visa from China usually takes 2 to 4 business days. This applies if the application is filled in correctly and the documents required have been properly attached. However, in case of mistakes or missing documents, the process of obtaining the visa takes longer. In some cases, it may even lead up to application rejection.

Therefore, travelers are advised to double-check all information and documents provided before submission to avoid negative responses.

Visa extending or converting is not possible. Also, applications cannot be completed on behalf of others. Whereas, individuals endorsed on a spouse’s or parent’s passport should apply separately for an Indian electronic visa.

Apply for an Indian Visa from China

To apply for the Indian visa as a Chinese citizen, appicants should fill in the online application form, which contains a few basic personal, passport, itinerary, and security questions, that take only 15 minutes to complete. Afterwards, the required documents must be attached and the online visa fee payment must be completed through a valid debit or credit card.

After submitting, the applicant can expect a response on the email address provided within 2 to 4 business days.

Upon approval, applicants are required to print the approved visa and bring a copy at the airport during passport control. A copy of the visa should also be kept close-by during the whole stay in India.

The same passport used to complete the application form must be brought to the airport upon landing. There are 28 airports and 5 seaports available for entry to Indian electronic visa holders.

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