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Sorry Bindu is a content creator and a private firm employee who went viral in June 2022 for adopting monogamy and marrying herself.


Kshama Bindu was born as Soumya Sarita Dubey on Sunday, 12 August 1998.age 24 years; by 2022) She hails from Daman city of Gujarat, India.

Sorry point in your college days

Sorry point in your college days

She completed her graduation in Sociology (Gender Studies) Maharaja Sayajirao University Baroda.

Physical Appearance

Hair Color: light auburn

Eye Colour: dark brown


parents and siblings

She is the daughter of Sarita Dubey and also has a sister named Swati Dubey. Her father lives in South Africa; Both he and his mother are engineers.

forgiveness point with mother and sister

forgiveness point with mother and sister

husband and children

In 2022, Forgiveness decided to adopt sologamy, also known as autogamy. Sologamy is a concept in which a person marries himself. This is a trend that people in Western countries have been following for some time. In India, Kshama is the first person to adopt monogamy and marry herself. Her marriage is on 11th June 2022 which she will perform at a temple of Gotri in Vadodara, Gujarat by performing all Hindu rituals. Like every bride, she has also bought a lehenga of her choice and distributed wedding invitation cards that only have her name.

forgiveness point wedding invitation

forgiveness point wedding invitation

After marriage, they plan to go to Goa for their honeymoon. After the news of his single marriage surfaced, journalists went to interview him and asked him how he came up with the idea. He said,
This idea was on my mind since childhood but I was not sure if it was possible. Once I googled, can I marry myself and that’s when I came to know about the concept of sologamy. After that I thought why not get married myself.

She was also asked why she chose sologamy over marrying a single man and she answered the question by saying,

Self-marriage is a commitment to be there for yourself and to love yourself unconditionally. It is also an act of self-acceptance. People marry someone they love. I love myself and hence this marriage.’

relationships / affairs

She had a friend named Raj Bhatt who was very close to her and also appeared in some of her TikTok videos. Once he posted a poem he wrote specially for her, she tried to explain what he meant to her and how close he was to her. However, she never declared that he was her boyfriend.


He started his career as HR Manager Ashwamedha Political Consultation. After this she also worked as a freelance model and dance choreographer. His next stint was as a senior recruiter IMS people possible. meanwhile also started as a Content creators on Tiktok and it had a huge following until Tiktok was banned in India in 2020. His most popular video has got 43 thousand views on Tiktok.

Facts / Trivia

  • In September 2021, she went bald and uploaded her first video to her YouTube channel, which got over 13000 views. In the video description, she explained why she took this decision and wrote,

    One day, when I was talking to myself, I made an impulsive decision to go for it and not care about the society like I have never done. I took this decision in one day and got all my hair shaved. I was crying with joy. I felt beautiful like never before. That day I became someone else. I realized, the true meaning of beauty is just to be happy and love oneself from inside. Be raw, be beautiful.’

  • He also has a fan page on Instagram which has more than a thousand followers.

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