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La Ganesan is an Indian politician, former Rajya Sabha MP and a social activist. He is known as the 17th Governor of Manipur. In July 2022, he was appointed as the acting Governor of West Bengal.


La Ganesan was born on Friday, 16 February 1945.age 77 years; by 2022) in Tanjore District, Madras Presidency, British India (now Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu, India). La Ganesan completed his schooling at Veera Raghava High School, Thanjavur. After completing his schooling, La Ganesan could not pursue higher education due to the sudden demise of his father, and had to take care of family responsibilities.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 10″

Hair Color: salt and pepper

Eye Colour: dark brown

La Ganesan


La Ganesan belongs to a Tamil Brahmin family.

parents and siblings

His father Lakshmi Raghav Iyer was a businessman. His mother’s name was Alamelu El. He has three brothers named L Satra, L Narayanan and L Krishnamurthy. Ale. Sessions journalist, L. Narayanan is a former employee of the state’s Department of Telecommunications, and L. Krishnamurthy is a former employee of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

wife and children

La Ganesan is unmarried.


La Ganesan follows Hinduism.


La Ganesan is a Brahmin.


His permanent address is 18/37, Postal Colony, First Street, West Mambalam, Chennai – 600037.


Signature of La Ganesan

Signature of La Ganesan


La Ganesan, after the death of his father, took up a job as a Revenue Settlement Inspector (RSI) in the revenue department of the state government. After working for nine years in the revenue department, La Ganesan resigned from his post and joined the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Tamil Nadu as a pracharak. His stint with the RSS began when he was very young as his family was deeply involved in propagating the ideologies of the Sangh. In 1975, when the Government of India declared a state of emergency in the country, La Ganesan was made the leader of an underground movement that aimed to defend democracy in the nation by standing up against the then. Indira Gandhi-led Government of India. Due to his involvement in several underground movements, in 1975, he joined the wanted list of the Tamil Nadu Police Force, as a result of which he had to go into hiding for over a year. In 1978, La Ganesan was made the district in-charge of the organization for his contribution to the Tamil Nadu RSS. In 1979, he was made the zonal-in-charge of the Tamil Nadu RSS. In 1981, working with the RSS to protect the interests of Hindus, La Ganesan fought against mass conversions in the city of Meenakshipuram; Where more than a thousand Dalits were converted to Islam. In March 1982, La Ganesan was instrumental in resolving the issues that led to the Mandaikadu communal riots. His role during the riots was appreciated by many national leaders. In 1991, while serving as the United States organizer of the Tamil Nadu RSS, La Ganesan was asked to join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to help in the development of the political party. As a member of the BJP, La Ganesan worked to strengthen the party from the grassroots level in the state of Tamil Nadu. Over the years, he moved up the ranks of the party and served the party as its organizing secretary, national secretary, vice-president and state president of Tamil Nadu. From 1991 to 2021, La Ganesan served as a member of the party’s National Executive Committee. La Ganesan contested from Tamil Nadu in the 2009 and 2014 Lok Sabha elections but lost to his rivals. In October 2016, La Ganesan was nominated to the Rajya Sabha as a Member of Parliament from Bhopal constituency due to his social activities. He remained MP till the end of 2018.

La Ganesan giving speech in Rajya Sabha

La Ganesan giving speech in Rajya Sabha

On 27 August 2021, La Ganesan was appointed as the Governor of Manipur by the President Ram Nath Kovind,

La Ganesan during the swearing-in ceremony as the Governor of Manipur

La Ganesan during the swearing-in ceremony as the Governor of Manipur

La Ganesan took oath as the Governor (Additional Charge) of West Bengal on 18 July 2022.

La Ganesan takes oath as Acting Governor of West Bengal

La Ganesan takes oath as Acting Governor of West Bengal


“State Sacrifice” Line

In 2017, farmers of Neduvasal village in Tamil Nadu were protesting against a project by ONGC. ONGC had earmarked an area of ​​ten kilometers in the village to extract natural elements like methane and hydrocarbons. The area identified by the corporation includes the ancestral land of the farmers. In 2017, La Ganesan, as an MP, made a controversial remark in support of the extraction of natural elements by ONGC. He said that “there is nothing wrong in sacrificing a state for the welfare of the country,” which faced massive outrage in the state.

Attack on BJP President

In 2003, La Ganesan was accused of verbally and physically assaulting the BJP’s first Dalit president, Kirubanidhi, at a national party meeting in Indore. Kirubanidhi alleged that there was a heated debate over the use of party funds. During the argument, La Ganesan lost his cool and abused the party president as well as his cast. Kirubanidhi also alleged that La Ganesan physically assaulted him by twirling his hand when he was trying to pacify him. Describing the incident, he said,

My term was about to end. I had to submit my accounts. I found several irregularities in the operation of party funds. Ganesan continued to handle the party’s state treasury even after being promoted to the national secretary. When I stopped him from doing so, he got angry, developed hatred towards me and then attacked me. He was unable to digest the fact that a Dalit was in a leadership position. After that incident, I left the party and joined DMK.


As the Governor of Manipur, the estimated salary of La Ganesan is Rs 3,50,000 + other allowances (as on July 2022).


movable property

  • Deposits with Banks, Financial Institutions and Non-Banking Financial Companies: Rs. 1,00,000

net worth

As of 2014, La Ganesan’s net worth was approximately Rs 3,07,000.

Facts / Trivia

  • In an interview, La Ganesan once claimed that he did not marry because he wanted to serve the RSS and the nation.
  • La Ganesan said in an interview that even though he belongs to a political party with a different ideology, he respects the communist leaders of Tamil Nadu.
  • La Ganesan is a coffee lover.
  • La Ganesan is a politician as well as a lyricist. In 1975, during the Emergency, La Ganesan wrote several patriotic songs which targeted Indira Gandhi government.
  • In an interview, he claimed that during the Emergency of 1975, he never personally attacked the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, despite pressure by his fellow protesters to raise anti-Indira slogans. he said,

    I protested against the crisis and wrote songs. Yet I avoided personal attacks and abusive speeches. I wrote “Down with Indira Gandhi” and “Down with Indira Gandhi’s dictatorship!” Tried to stop those who raised slogans of

  • Describing his morning routine, La Ganesan said in an interview that he used to wake up at 4 in the morning and go for a walk. After which he used to read at least one chapter of the Bhagavad Gita.
  • La Ganesan is the founder of the Ore Nadu newspaper, which means “one nation.”

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