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Manav Mangalani

Manav Mangalani is an Indian media fashion photographer and content creator.


Manav Mangalani was born on 22 August in Mumbai. He did Diploma in Computer and Animation.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5’9

Hair Color: black

Manav Mangalani



Not much is known about Manav’s parents.


In 1999, Manav started his career as an animator and a web designer. His first project as a website designer was for an Indian filmmaker, Vashu Bhagnani, Later, he became a renowned media photographer covering all the breaking stories by taking photographs of high-profile people like actors, musicians, athletes, politicians and other celebrities. They have a team of 15 persons, some of whom are photographers, videographers and others who look after the editing part. Manav is one of the big names of Bollywood. Manav has his team in Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad mainly covering coverage of Bollywood and South India.


  • In 2019, Manav was awarded the GEA 2019 Award for the Greatest Bollywood Photographer of the Year. She received an award from the actress, Madhuri Dixit,
    Manav awarded as the best photographer of the year

    Manav honored as Greatest Photographer of the Year


  • Star Kid: Taimur Ali Khan

Facts / Trivia

  • Mangal said in an interview that he often attends celebrity parties as he has a very positive relationship with celebrities.
  • Mangal revealed in an interview that he gets Bollywood actors, Varun Dhawan, Most humble person
  • Manav once said that many fan clubs demand him to click on the picture of his favorite celebrity through social media platforms.
  • Manav said in an interview that his team members were once scolded by the actress Jaya Bachchan To click his pictures.
  • Manav said that his most memorable clicked pictures are Abhishek Bacchan First look and first picture of Aaradhya at the time of marriage Shahrukh Khan And Salman Khan After almost 7 years together after their patch up.
    Salman and Shahrukh Khan caught after patch up

    Salman and Shahrukh Khan caught after patch up

  • According to Manav, he gets the actor Ranveer Singh Charming as he loves to click selfies with his fans.
  • Manav revealed that he was asked several times for selfies by fans at the Delhi Metro station.
  • According to Manav, he gets his picture clicked once a year.
  • According to human, actor Ajay Devgn There is one who loves the paparazzi but always pretends that she doesn’t care about them in front of the media.
  • According to Manav, people like videos more than pictures of celebrities.
  • According to Manav, they sell pictures to channels only when the pictures are very exclusive.
  • In an interview, Manav said that the actor Kartik Aaryan She is one of those actors who call out the paparazzi for her airport look clicks.
  • Manav is quite active on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. He has more than 1 million followers on Instagram.
  • Manav Mangalani likes Amjad Ali Khan’s music.
  • One of the Hindi movies Manav loves to watch is Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.
  • Manav had said in an interview that he and his team stand for hours on the streets waiting for the stars. He also said that he does sports coverage on his life several times in order to reach the fans of the stars to get the pictures of the moment.
  • Manav is also known to collaborate with leading websites, channels and Instagram accounts and has shot and collaborated with over 200 brands over the past decade.
  • After designing his website according to Manav Sunny Deolof the film, The Hero: Love Story of Spy, she was invited for the music launch of the film. His photographs were also published in the Bombay Times, and he was invited to other events as well. Later, he joined India FM (now rebranded as Bollywood Hungama) as their photo editor, and started a section there that published photographs from parties, events and film sets. It was the most visited segment on the website.
  • Talking about his team, Manav said that two people from his team are always on duty full time in eight-hour shifts.
  • Manav Mangal revealed, during the actress Shilpa ShettyHe climbed a tree outside the house where Shilpa Shetty got married and had a nice zoomed-in image of him taking her rounds. He also said that during Lara Dutta’s wedding he climbed a hill for 45 minutes as their wedding took place at the Taj Hotel in Goa, which was on a hill and media was not allowed to enter through the main gate.
  • Manav had said in an interview that once after the night party, the actor, Shahrukh Khan, was leaving the venue, however, despite knowing that some paparazzi had been standing for hours, he asked them not to click his picture and he left. But after driving for a few seconds, Sharukh got out of his car, ran towards them and said

    “Sorry man,” and hugged us. He added, “I will give a good picture next time.”

    Manav Manglani with actor Shahrukh Khan

    Manav Manglani with actor Shahrukh Khan

  • Talking about the actor, Salman KhanManav said that he is a good person, he sends biryani and water to those people who regularly stand outside their house. Adding to this Manav also said that the actor Sanjay Dutt And Shahrukh Khan Send them food and drink as well as water, for they have known them all long ago.
  • Manav said that he gets more work through social media platforms like Instagram.

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