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In December 2010, the Canadian Police publicly disclosed Manjit Panghali’s diaries and letters, and these letters were scrutinized by various Canadian media houses. Entries in the diary revealed that Manjeet hated his life and was going through depression while trying to save their relationship from falling apart. A member of his family told the media that Manjeet Panghali was battling depression since the birth of her first child. In an entry in his diary, Manjeet wrote,

I am writing today because I thought I would never allow myself to reach this point. I am clinically depressed and on medication. I’m so scared. My husband doesn’t give me the support I need.”

Manjeet has written that depression had made him helpless. She wrote,

I feel scattered, destroyed, broken. I want to drink, do drugs – do something that lifts me up.”

In his diary he told the status of his marriage,

We need to do some work on our marriage. We need to plan it so that our relationship doesn’t break down. We need to do some work on this relationship. I need to stay connected to him. make her love me again ,

She further mentioned that Mukhtiar had a drinking problem. She wrote,

I feel helpless. I hate life. How hard it is to live in two cultures. It makes me feel so powerless, so hopeless, so scared. I had no doubts about our life together, my role in your life, and our future, but now I am very afraid of what the future holds for us. ,

Manjeet wrote several letters to Mukhtiar and in one of the letters he wrote about their marital life issues. She wrote,

We have struggled with many issues – sex, drugs, alcohol, coworkers, family, our ability to communicate, be affectionate, love again. I don’t know if you enjoyed our relationship or not.”

Manjeet further expressed his hesitation in having another child in his diary. She wrote,

I definitely don’t want to bring another child into this chaos. chaos can [simply] Do you drink and I don’t know how to cope. You let us down by not being around. You get upset and get mean.”

On 18 August 2006, two months before her murder, Manjit Panghali wrote about her birthday celebration with Mukhtar and her second pregnancy test. She wrote,

MP though of course I was pregnant and gave me a cute card on our anniversary. he was very excited and [sic] Treat me like a princess. I couldn’t stop crying because I was so thrilled.”

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