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Margaret Hoover Biography and Wiki

Margaret Hoover is a noted American political commentator, political strategist, gay rights activist, feminist, media personality, and author. Hoover is a CNN political analyst. Margaret is also known for her book American Individualism: How a New Generation of Conservatives Can Save the Republican Party and her conservative talk show Firing Line.

Margaret Hoover Education

Hoover went to Greyland Country Day School in Denver. He enrolled at Bryn Mawr College in 2001 to study Spanish literature with a minor in Political Science. After finishing his studies, he obtained a BA. He also attended Davidson College for two years.

Margaret Hoover Age

what is his age? Hoover is 44 years old as of 2022. she was born in Margaret Claire Hoover December 11, 1977 in Colorado, United States.

Margaret Hoover height and weight

Hoover American rights activist stands at a height of 5’6″ (168 cm). His weight has not been disclosed yet.

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Margaret Hoover Family | parents and siblings

Hoover was born on December 11, 1977, in the US state of Colorado. She is the daughter of mining engineer Andrew Hoover and flight attendant Jean Hoover. Margaret is the great-granddaughter of Herbert Hoover, the 31st President of the United States from 1929 to 1933.

Margaret Hoover’s husband and daughter

Margaret is married to a fellow political commentator and journalist, John Avalon, who was the former editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast and is now a CNN contributor. Avalon is also known for being Rudy Giuliani’s speechwriter and Newsweek’s senior columnist. Hoover and Avalon married in 2009 and have two children together: a son named Jack, born in 2013, and a daughter named Toula Lu, born in 2015.

Margaret Hoover Books

  • July 2011 – American Individualism: How a New Generation of Conservatives Can Save the Republican Party

This is a book written by Margaret and published by Crown Forum in 2011.

Margaret Hoover Gay Rights Activist | career

Ms. Hoover, as stated earlier, advocates for gay rights, including same-sex marriage. His argument for supporting something that is widely opposed by many members of his political party is that personal liberty and marriage are conservative values. In 2013, she signed an amicus curiae in support of same-sex marriage that was presented to the Supreme Court in Hollingsworth v. Perry. Firing Line is an American public affairs television show. Hoover hosts the show Firing Line with Margaret Hoover, the William F. Buckley Jr. is a relaunch of the show. Buckley’s show aired on PBS for 33 years. Hoover’s show has been described as a civic engagement involving an exchange of contests. Thoughts and opinions. The show began airing on WNET on 2 June 2018. It serves the New York metropolitan area.

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Margaret served in the George W. Bush administration as Associate Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. She was a member of George Bush’s cabinet during his re-election campaign for his second term in 2004. Later, in 2006–07, she was deputy finance director for the presidential campaign of Rudy Giuliani (former New York City mayor).
Margaret also served as an official staff on Capitol Hill for Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, a Republican United States Representative from Florida. He also served as an advisor to the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security.
He wrote extensively for several prestigious newspapers and newspapers during his years of service to the United States Government.

Between 2008 and 2012, Margaret Hoover was a Fox News contributor, frequently appearing on Bill O’Reilly’s top-rated show The O’Reilly Factor. The show featured a branded segment called ‘Culture Warrior’, in which he and Bill O’Reilly debated a wide range of issues from pop culture to entertainment news to Hollywood and politics. He was featured in the PBS documentary ‘Landslide’ in 2010. She has been a CNN political contributor and commentator since 2012. Margaret was frequently featured in Bill Maher’s popular HBO show ‘Real Time’. Margaret has also appeared on NBC’s ‘Today’, CBS’s ‘The Early Show’ and ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’. and ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’. She has also appeared on MSNBC, Fox News and C-SPAN.

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