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Spouse: Rohit Sahni

Hometown: Goa

Marina Abraham

Marina Abraham

Some lesser known facts about Marina Abraham

  • Marina Abraham is an Indian actress, YouTuber and TV personality, best known for appearing as Samantha Williams Vajrapathi i.e. Sam in the Telugu soap opera America Ammayi (2015).
  • Marina was very young when her father passed away. Thereafter, he was raised by his mother.
  • In an interview, she revealed that she was short tempered during her childhood. Describing the same, he said,

    I was a very naughty girl. Since I am an only child, I am still pampered by my mother. I lost my father at a very young age and my mother and my grandmother used to pamper me very much. I was a grumpy person, and nobody knew about it (smiling). As time went by my mother would tell me to stop getting angry and control it. Eventually, I stopped getting angry.”

  • She spent her childhood in Goa and moved to Hyderabad after completing her 10th standard to pursue her higher education.
    Childhood picture of Marina Abraham with her mother

    Childhood picture of Marina Abraham with her mother

  • In Hyderabad, she started her acting career when one of her mother’s acquaintances working in the entertainment industry offered her a role. He talked about this in an interview and said,

    A friend of my mother was in the acting field and then she offered me a role. I came into this industry for some pocket money (laughs) but now it has become my full time profession. ,

  • After her debut film, Romance with Finance, she acted in the Hindi language film ‘Sab Ka Dil Khush Hua’ (2016).
    everyone's heart is happy
  • In her first TV show, America Ammayi (2015), she played the lead role of Samantha, a girl born and raised in America who decides to reunite her mother with her family in India. The show aired on Zee Telugu from 27 July 2015 to 21 July 2018.
  • In an interview, explaining why he chose to work in TV shows instead of films, he said,

    My real journey started with the audition. I thought that I would work in films. However, we can only do one film per year and there are many things that I was not comfortable working in films. I tried a lot, I did ‘Romance With Finance’, and then soon after doing that film I got an offer from Zee Telugu for ‘America Amaye’ and I was very comfortable and happy with the character and then came to serials. decided. ,

  • She appeared as a contestant in the dance reality show Dance Jodi Dance (2018) on Zee Telugu.
    Marina Abraham and Rohit Sahni on Dance Jodi Dance (2018)

    Marina Abraham and Rohit Sahni on Dance Jodi Dance (2018)

  • She played the role of protagonist Kavya in the Telugu daily soap Siri Siri Muvalu (2019) on Star Maa. In the show, family circumstances lead a young woman, Kavya, to marry an actor, Ashwin, who is not interested in her married life. As the story unfolds, Kavya sets out to be the perfect wife for his marriage.
    Siri Siri Muvalu (2019)

    Siri Siri Muvalu (2019)

  • In the same year, she replaced the lead actress with a lead role in the show Prema on Zee Telugu.
    Marina Abraham as Prema and in (2019)

    Marina Abraham as Prema and in (2019)

  • Marina and her husband Rohit competed in the reality show Ishmart Jodi (2020) on Starma. The show followed twelve popular celebrity couples who participated in a series of fun and entertaining challenges to earn the title of ‘Ishmart Jodi’.
    Marina Abraham and Rohit Sahni on StarMaa's Ishmart Jodi (2020)

    Marina Abraham and Rohit Sahni on StarMaa’s Ishmart Jodi (2020)

  • Apart from being an actor, he is also a YouTuber, who founded the YouTube channel, Marina World in 2020 and Marina & Rohit Diaries in 2021. On the channels, she shows her daily lifestyle with her husband. His first vlog World Famous Laddu – Vinayak Chaviti Special, uploaded on Rohit and Marina Dairies in August 2020, garnered 1 lakh views in just two days. Soon, his channel gained immense popularity and he received the Silver YouTube button for reaching 100,000 subscribers in December 2020.
    Marina Abraham and Rohit Sahni as they pose with the silver YouTube button

    Marina Abraham and Rohit Sahni as they pose with the silver YouTube button

  • Sahni Studio manages their social media accounts.
  • She was named in the Hyderabad Times list of Most Desirable Women on TV in 2017.
  • She is an avid dog lover and encourages people to adopt rather than buy dogs through her vlog. She has adopted two dogs, a Pomeranian and a street dog, who live with her mother, Juliana Abraham. Talking about his pets in an interview, he said,

    Both of my pets are adopted, one is a ‘desi’ dog and the other is a Pomeranian, which I found in my parking lot. Both are very cute. They live with my mother and she takes care of them. Every day I make it a point to meet them because they are a part of my life. When I go to my in-laws house, three street dogs come wagging their tails as soon as they see me.”

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