Mobile Deep Linking Solutions – The Application Areas And Benefits Involved

Mobile Deep Linking Solutions - The Application Areas And Benefits Involved

by Sanju

It is not that hard to determine that user experience can either make or break the current mobile growth. Recent studies have shown that any typical mobile app gets deleted from a user’s device just 3 days from installing. So, that gives an overall abandonment rate of around 77%. Therefore, the on boarding procedure is quite vital towards the journey of a new user.

The on boarding procedure needs to focus on ways to simplify the complex level, limiting the step numbers and providing users with the moment they have been looking for with the mobile app usage value. 

The idea behind deep linking:

Deep links are widely used to build an amazing on boarding solution. However, they form a crucial part of quality mobile app as well.

  • Deep links are known to have the right potential to supplement the current user experience.
  • It helps in enhancing the discoverability of the app.
  • It helps in increasing the current downloads and retentions and will drive revenue further.
  • So, that makes them pretty valuable from user and marketer’s standpoints.

In a place without deep links, users will be lost and suffer to find the right destination. It is because of the navigational headaches. Brands, on the other hand, will see some less return on their current mobile app investments.

Thanks to deep links right now, journeys are made easier for your users from campaign to app. It ensures a personalized and targeted experience all the way through. Product teams and marketing experts can now address deep links for directing users to their prospective destinations. It helps in tailoring the user journey, depending on the said intent.

Understanding the value behind deep links:

Deep link is mainly targeted as a link, which helps in taking you to specified and relevant content than moving around on a generic homepage. People always interact with deep links. Most of the web links, in fact, are deep links as they take users directly to the requested content.

  • Deep links will further exist for the mobile apps and will work in the same way possible.
  • Once you have set up the deep links, marketers can use those links across multiple channels.
  • Some of the most common channels over here are ads, emails, QR codes, smart banners, social media and in-app notifications.

Understanding more about the mobile deep linking solutions is a necessity these days if you want to grow your potential client base. It is one way to attract right users at right pages, and don’t let them feel stray on their internet search hunt.

The benefits involved with deep linking:

The deep links will provide the marketers with end number of benefits. So, understanding those points is really important to know why there is a booming growth behind it.

Boosting up the lifetime value:

It is true to state that a seamless form of deep linking experience will bring users to the exact content they want. It helps in increasing the revenue, along with loyalty and the lifetime value, when compared to the ones that are brought to generic landing pages.

Expanding your current acquisition funnel:

You will be glad to know that deep links help in opening up the door for personalized apps to shine. 

  • Now, the apps can invite or even incentivize the users with the help of some customized promotional offers.
  • It is one way to widen up your audience base by using various channels.
  • It is one proven way for you to enjoy more opportunities to bring in users right within the acquisition funnel.

Higher engagement and the retention rate:

With deeper links, you get the chance to create higher engagement. It also provides the better retention value and improved ROI. It does that by delivering the users to some relevant app content. Furthermore, it is one way to reduce the risks that users might fall out of the current marketing funnel over here.

Get on with the best practices:

Once you are well-aware of what deep linking is and why they are so important for usage, there are some best practices to make this user experience a major success.

  • It helps in configuring correctly for that seamless experience for the users.
  • It helps in leveraging deep links across various channels. It is one way to drive in some new acquisitions.
  • Get the chance to now brand your links well from other standard ones available online.
  • You can leverage a partner versus building your very own with the deep links.

In the end, it is not hard to say that deep links are best ways to build a connected and quality user experience to help bring in some new customers and keep the available ones engaged and happy. So, get your hands on one to help boom up your business level.

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