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Age: 26 Years

Hometown: Pardodas, Bhilwara, Rajasthan

Marital Status: Unmarried

mukesh chaudhary

mukesh chaudhary

Some lesser known facts about Mukesh Chaudhary

  • Mukesh Choudhary is an Indian cricketer who is known for delivering an amazing performance in IPL 2022.
  • He made his domestic debut and represented Maharashtra in the 2017–18 Ranji Trophy on 9 November 2017. On 7 October 2019, he played for Maharashtra in the 2019–20 Vijay Hazare Trophy. On 8 November 2019, he played for Maharashtra in the 2019–20 Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy.
  • In an interview, his coach Surendra Bhave talked about him and said,

    I saw this young slender guy with a good action, good landing and the ability to top 125 kmph on a consistent basis. We did some fine-tuning but that was going to waste in my club. To play for Maharashtra, he had to play in a big team that could give him a chance to play in the invitational tournament. Only then did he come on the radar of the selectors.

  • When he was young, other boys in his village who were older than him would not let him bat or bowl on the field. In class four, his father admitted him to a boarding school as there was no cricket academy in his village. In boarding school, he tried playing other sports like basketball, volleyball, and hockey.
    Mukesh Choudhary in childhood

    Mukesh Choudhary in childhood

  • After taking admission in boarding school, he started playing cricket matches with leather ball and after playing few matches, he gained interest in cricket and lost interest in academics. He started playing cricket professionally, but did not tell his parents about his interest. He used to send newspaper cuttings of his photos to his parents. His father was pleased with his appearance in the newspaper, but he always asked him to concentrate on his studies.
  • In an interview his father talked about Mukesh and said,

    It was an amazing feeling to see him play live and do so well, really I don’t know how to put the joy in words. We had only seen him live on the internet earlier. Before the Mushtaq Ali T20 in Lucknow (in 2021), he called and asked us to subscribe to Hotstar so that he could watch him play. But this experience was something else.”

  • When he was seventeen years old and living in an apartment in Pune, his neighbor Vaishali Sawant looked after him and made sure that he went to practice every day. He calls his neighbor ‘Didi’. In an interview, his neighbor talked about him and said,

    I asked him if I could keep the furniture of my flat in his flat for some time so that I could get the interior work done in my house. He refused then and he didn’t even help us move the furniture. When he refused, I asked him, has the family not given manners? Maybe he has realized his mistake and is ready to help. There were days when he fell ill. He felt lonely. I used to make sure that my family takes care of him like our own child.”

    Mukesh Chaudhary with his neighbor

    Mukesh Chaudhary with his neighbor

  • In 2015, he joined Twenty 2 Yards Specialized Cricket Academy, Pune.
  • In an interview, he talked about how much his family supported him in his cricketing journey and said,

    My journey has been tough but my family supported me. When I was alone in Pune, my sister supported me a lot. Food, physically, mentally… Sometimes even when I was down, my sister would force me to the ground. I can’t do well without him. Even when I was selected, he asked me to think about the next steps and do well.

  • In February 2022, he was auctioned by Chennai Super Kings for Rs. Bought for the price. 2 million.
  • On 5 May 2022, in the IPL match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings, Mukesh was bowling to Virat Kohli and accidentally hit Virat Kohli, and immediately called him sorry. Several news articles stated that Virat instead of getting angry with Mukesh smiled at him and forgave him.

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