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Namitha Marimuthu

Namitha Marimuthu is an Indian transgender social activist, model and actor. She came into limelight after appearing as a contestant in Miss International Queen 2022.


Namitha Marimuthu was born on Thursday 23 February 1989.age 33 years; by 2022) in Chennai. His zodiac sign is Pisces. He did his schooling from Gill Adarsh ​​Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai. Later, he attended St. Peter’s College of Engineering and Technology, Chennai.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 6′ 1″

Hair Color: black

Eye Colour: black

Figure Measurements: 36-28-34

Namitha Marimuthu

gender and sexual orientation

As a teenager, Namita wanted to transform into a woman; However, her parents were against her decision. At the age of thirteen, she had her first surgery to remove excess breast fat. In an interview, she said,

There were some physical changes in me during class 10th. My breasts started getting bigger. Since my uncle was a doctor, my parents asked him to surgically remove my breasts. Within 3 months my breasts started growing again.

Later, when she turned 16, she was sent to a mental rehabilitation center for six months. After spending six months in a rehabilitation center, she was taken home to check for any changes, but her feminine behavior became more noticeable. Then at the age of seventeen he was sent to a separate rehabilitation center for drug addicts. A year later, she was sent to another rehab, which offered her to change her identity; However, Namita managed to escape from the rehabilitation centre. Subsequently, in 2010, she filed a complaint against her parents in the Madras High Court, where the court ruled for legal separation from her parents. In an interview, he described his transformational journey and said,

With the help of Sahodaran (a non-profit LGBTQ organization), my parents received counseling and educated them about the existence of transgender people in society, which convinced my father to accept me, so eventually my mother. Father changed his mind.

After three months of separation, I decided to convert and live as a woman full time. I could afford it because of my job and my friends as I was working for Sahodaran, and I also used to dance on stage, which earned me little income. This money helped me become a woman at a very young age. After my transition, my parents did not accept me for two months, but then after interacting with Sahodaran, my parents accepted me as a woman.


Namitha Marimuthu belongs to a Hindu Family.


Namitha’s father’s name is Marimuthu. His mother’s name is Vennila Devi.

Namitha Marimuthu with her parents

Namitha Marimuthu with her parents


He is the only child of his parents.


Namitha Marimuthu follows Hinduism.



Namitha Marimuthu started her career as a model and started participating in small-scale competitions for trans-women in her hometown. In 2015, she participated in the Miss Kovagam pageant held in Villupuram. In 2018, she won the title of Miss Trans Queen, India. In 2019, she participated in the Miss Trans Star International 2019 in Barcelona, ​​where she won the international title of Miss Popular and Miss Public Favorite.

Namitha Marimuthu at the Miss Trans Star International pageant

Namitha Marimuthu at the Miss Trans Star International pageant

In June 2022, she participated in Miss International Queen, the world’s largest beauty pageant for transgender women, in Thailand. In an interview, she talked about her modeling career and said,

I was over 100kg. One day I felt I needed to do something, and started a strict diet and exercise regime, and lost weight. Then came the opportunity to enter Miss Chennai (for transwomen). I gave it a shot, and won. I also won the title of Miss Pondicherry. My dream is to win the Miss Transqueen India pageant next year, and then represent the country in an international pageant.”

Namitha Marimuthu at the Miss International Queen pageant (2022)

Namitha Marimuthu at the Miss International Queen pageant (2022)


In 2020, Namitha Marimuthu made her acting debut with the Tollywood film Nadodigal 2, in which she played the role of Priya. In an interview, he talked about the entertainment industry and said,

Until recently, we were portrayed badly in the media and in the movies. We were used to Comic Relief. However, after Sarath Kumar’s Kanchana, there has been a slight change in the way people see us as real people with real feelings. ,


In 2021, she appeared as a contestant in Tamil Bigg Boss 5 aired on Star Vijay and Disney+ Hotstar. However, she opted out of the show due to some medical emergency.

Namitha Marimuthu in Bigg Boss Tamil (2021)

Namitha Marimuthu in Bigg Boss Tamil (2021)


Brand(s): Gucci, Chanel, LV, Prada, Burberry, Versace, Dior, Armani, Fendi, D&G, Balenciaga, Adidas and Calvin Klein

colour’s): Yellow, Red, Black, White, Grey, Green, Navy and Orange


In 2019, she was honored with Oruni’s 100 Working Women Achievers Award.

Namitha Marimuthu's Working Women Achievement Award

Namitha Marimuthu’s Working Women Achievers Award

Facts / Trivia

  • She is also known as ‘Namitha Ammu’.
  • In an interview, she revealed that her parents had once threatened to kill her. he explained,

    To know more about my problems I started talking to people like myself and got to know about my problems. During a family function, I wore a girl’s dress. Though my parents did not hit me directly, but my relatives thrashed me. Meanwhile, I ran away from my house 4 times on several occasions but came back fearing for safety. I was tracked down by spies hired by my parents. Once, I wore my mother’s sari and danced at a function of the transgender community. After returning home, I was beaten up in black and blue. My parents threatened to kill me if I didn’t change my behaviour.”

  • In an interview, she said that she wants to write a book on the transition she has experienced. He said,

    Yes, later in my life I’m sure I’ll write a book on the transition I’ve experienced and how my life has changed. This will be my story. The only legacy is to leave our words for how people will remember us. So I really want to make it to a good effect.”

  • Namitha Marimuthu is an organizing director and founder of Miss Trans Star India, a beauty pageant for transgender women.
  • He is often featured in various newspaper magazines.
    Namitha Marimuthu in the cover page of a lifestyle magazine

    Namitha Marimuthu on the cover of a lifestyle magazine

  • In 2020, amid the nationwide lockdown in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in India, Namita helped many people by providing them food, clothing and other essentials.
  • He has three tattoos on the forearm, collarbone and back of the palm.
    Namitha Marimuthu's tattoo

    Namitha Marimuthu’s tattoo

  • In 2010, Namita filed a complaint against her parents in the Madrasa High Court, which is considered the first case in the history of Indian transgender rights.
  • After separating from her parents, Namita started working for Sahodaran, a non-profit LGBTQ organization. She also worked as a dancer which helped her with a low income.
  • In an interview, Namita spoke about the LGBTQ community and said,

    Namita: It is my goal to support the LGBTQ community. To bring awareness that every human being has the right to live his life on his own as an individual and there is no one to judge us for our identity. So my ultimate goal is to advocate and empower the LGBTQ community with the help of Sahodaran and Thozhi Sangathan.”

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