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Age: 65

Marital Status: Married

Mother: Simone Tata

Noel Tata

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Some lesser known facts about Noel Tata

  • Noel Tata is an Irish businessman of Indian origin who is known for his contributions to some of the most famous Tata companies. He is the Chairman of Tata Investment Corporation, Trent and Vice President of Titan Industries. He is a well-known face of Tata who also served as the Managing Director of Tata International till 2021.
  • Noel Tata comes from a wealthy Indian business family and is the only son of Simone and Naval Tata. His father was a famous businessman just like his mother who was a business woman. He has two half-brothers from his step-mother, and they are Jimmy and Ratan Tata. He was surrounded by luxuries throughout his life and after completing his education joined the family business.
  • Started his career in Tata Group by working at Tata International, a Tata company that deals in various products and services overseas. He came into limelight when he became the managing director of Trent, a company founded by his mother. He headed his company which is the retail vertical of Tata International.
  • When he gained Trent’s leadership, it acquired Littlewoods International which was a department store. This newly acquired venture was renamed Westside. Noel has since worked on its development and turned it into a profitable business. Under his leadership, Trent grew from a market valuation of Rs 36,00 crore in 2014 to Rs 40,000 crore in 2021.
  • He married Aloo Mistry, daughter of Pallonji Mistry, an Irish billionaire businessman. They have two daughters named Maya and Leah Tata and a son named Neville Tata.
  • He married Aloo Mistry, daughter of Pallonji Mistry, an Irish billionaire businessman. They have two daughters named Maya and Leah Tata and a son named Neville Tata.
  • In 2003, he was appointed as the director of Voltas and Titan Industries. He also became the Managing Director of Tata International during 2010–2011, and at that time Tata International operated as an overseas entity of the Tata Group, which was valued at $70 billion.
  • People believed that he would succeed Ratan Tata and take over the chairmanship of the Tata group. This joke went wrong when his brother-in-law became Cyrus Mistry’s successor Ratan Tata, He only held this position for a short time and Ratan Tata withdrew his chairmanship of the group and he finally stepped down in February 2017.
  • He took over the charge of Voltas in 2017. Under his leadership at Voltas, its market valuation grew from Rs. Up to more than Rs 18,000 crore. 40,000 crores. He was appointed as a trustee of Tata Trusts in 2019 and is also a trustee of Allied Trusts and Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, two major trusts that influence and control the decision-making process of Tata Sons.
  • Until 2021, Noel Tata continued to serve in executive roles at the Tata Group. In November 2021, he finally decided to step down from executive roles after reaching the age of 65. However, he still holds non-executive positions in the Tata Group and currently serves as Vice President of Titan and Chairman of Voltas, Trent, Tata Investment Corp and Tata International.
  • In 2022, Noel Tata integrated Westside’s 200th store at Utopia Garden Grove Mall, Chikuwadi, Borivali West, becoming the new benchmark for his company, Trent. Noel Tata has also launched Tata Super App on 7th April 2022 which will bring more business to Westside. He said,
    “Westside (the brand name for Trent stores) currently has 7 million loyalty members, while the Tata Super app expects to connect Westside to a base of 70 million Tata customers,”

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