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Age: 33 Years

Education: M.Com

Hometown: Mumbai

Pradyumna Malu

Pradyumna Malu

Some lesser known facts about Pradyumna Malu

  • Pradyuman Malu is an Indian entrepreneur, jeweler and jewelery designer. In 2020, she participated in the Indian reality Netflix series ‘Indian Matchmaking’.
  • He was born and brought up in Mumbai.
    Childhood picture with Pradyumna Malu's sister

    Childhood picture with Pradyumna Malu’s sister

  • In April 2008, he joined his mother’s jewelery designing brand Nornament as a Managing Director.
    Pradyuman Malu at his jewelery store

    Pradyuman Malu at his jewelery store

  • In 2021, Pradyuman started a restaurant named Eka in Mumbai.
  • He came into limelight with the 2020 Netflix series ‘Indian Matchmaking’. In the show, the famous Indian marriage counselor Seema Taparia Helps participants find their perfect match. During the show, his father told that he had rejected 150 girls for marriage in just 18 months. As soon as the episode released on Netflix, netzines started sharing their memes for 150 girls to be rejected. He also received negative comments for the same, while some people started calling him gay. He then took to his Instagram to talk about it. He wrote,

    It has been misunderstood. Matchmakers send you multiple resumes (not offers) to find the right person and to find out who gives the right preference. This is only the first stage, followed by verification, priorities, intentions, telephone conversations and finally a meeting. Out of these resumes I have met only a couple of them. Like everyone else I am also looking for a beautiful life full of growth and experiences with my partner with whom I can connect mentally and I am taking my time as it is for life and don’t want to rush into it . And for those of you who are curious – I am neither gay nor bisexual. I love foxnuts and my door knob is just a creative photo frame that reminds me of two life-and-death experiences.”

    In an interview, while talking about negative trolls, he said,

    I tried to understand the mindset of a ‘hater’, only to realize that they based their beliefs on my interests in things like fashion, cooking, and the social pressure to take time off to choose a life partner. .

  • Later Pradyuman met a girl named Ashima Chauhan at a party. They both became friends and soon started dating each other. In December 2021, the couple had a destination wedding in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Talking about his marriage in an interview, he said,

    Indian matchmaking has fundamentally pushed my boundaries to understand my partner, it has given me the courage to push myself out of my comfort zone and articulate what I want in marriage. ,

  • In 2022, Pradyuman and his wife appeared in the second season of the Netflix series ‘Indian Matchmaking’, in which they shared their post-marriage experiences.
  • In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and doing water sports. He has tried scuba diving in various places like Philippines, Egypt, Maldives and Thailand.
  • He is fluent in various languages ​​like English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and French.
  • Pradyuman is often seen drinking alcohol at parties and events.
    Pradyuman Malu at the party

    Pradyuman Malu at the party

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