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Education: Bachelor in Engineering

Hometown: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Religion: Atheism

Prateek Sinha

Some lesser known facts about Prateek Sinha

  • Prateek Sinha is an Indian software engineer and journalist, best known as the co-founder of the non-profit fact-checking website Alt News.
  • Growing up in Ahmedabad, Prateek used to go to Kolkata during his summer vacations.
  • Pratik Sinha’s parents founded the independent civil rights organization Jan Sangharsh Manch in Gujarat to address issues of labor and workers’ rights. The organization is known to legally represent the victims of the 2002 Gujarat violence.
  • Born to active parents, Sinha developed political and social skills at a very young age. In an interview he said,

    I had a childhood where conversations at the dinner table revolved around socio-political issues. So that was always on my mind. ,

  • He started his career with Day Begins Engineering Innovation Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.
  • He worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Ubictech Software Pvt Ltd, Bangalore (2003-2005).
  • He was a member of the technical staff at Arda Systems, Bangalore from 2004 to 2009. Donning several hats at Arda Systems, Prateek held various positions such as software developer, kernel engineer, and manager of the Enterprise Support Group.
  • He has also held the position of Senior Software Engineer at Cloudleaf, Inc.
  • After that he went to America.
  • Later, he moved to Vietnam, where he started working as a freelancer in 2009 for Humbug, a software development company in Vietnam.
  • He started working in May 2012 as Technical Coordinator at InfoNam, Inc., a multinational software outsourcing organization, Vietnam.
  • In March 2013, after returning to Ahmedabad, where he worked with Readme Systems Inc. from August 2013 to February 2014. Worked as a Senior Embedded Software Engineer.
  • Outspoken critic of the then Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra ModiSinha set up a Facebook page titled ‘Truths of Gujarat’ in 2014 after the CBI issued chargesheets against various Gujarat police officers who were found guilty of extra-judicial killings under the directions of Narendra Modi and the Home Minister. . Amit Shah, The page was co-founded by Sinha and his father after his return to Ahmedabad from Vietnam in March 2013. Soon his father was diagnosed with lung cancer. This page contains political blogs aimed to expose the misrule of the Gujarat government and its leaders. The About section of the page reads,

    A campaign to stop the subversion of the rule of law, to bring justice to the victim.”

  • He was eager to pursue a career in journalism in 2016, when he documented a march from Ahmedabad to Una, organized by Jan Sangharsh Manch and Una Dalit Atchaar Ladai Samiti. Talking about the impact of this march on his life during an interview, Sinha said,

    I documented the march on social media. It had a huge impact and I thought, maybe, I should do something related to the media. Also, I was not so happy with my engineering career. I felt that only the financially privileged were benefiting from my work.”

  • In February 2017, Prateek Sinha and Mohammad Zubair launched Alt News website in Ahmedabad to tackle the phenomenon of fake news. Initially, Zubair only assisted Sinha in running the site and continued his job at Nokia. In September 2018, Zubair finally quit his job at Nokia and became a full-time employee of Alt News. In December 2019, Zubair became the director of Pravda Media Foundation, the parent company of Alt News.
  • Later, Sinha moved to Kolkata, West Bengal to set up a branch of Alt News.
  • After Zubair’s arrest in June 2022, various media houses falsely reported that transactions worth over Rs 50 lakh had taken place in his bank account in the past. To quash the false allegations, Prateek Sinha revealed in a tweet that the police was linking the donations received by Alt News to Zubair.
  • Pratik Sinha and Mohamed Zubair were included in the nomination list for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize by the Peace Research Institute, Oslo.
  • Besides Hindi and English, Sinha can also speak Bengali, but he cannot read or write it.
  • In 2018, he received the OSM Inspiration of the Year Award at the Outlook Social Media Awards.
    A picture of Prateek Sinha receiving the OSM Inspiration of the Year Award at Outlook Social Media Awards (2018)

    A picture of Prateek Sinha receiving the OSM Inspiration of the Year Award at Outlook Social Media Awards (2018)

  • In 2019, he co-authored the book India Misinformed: The True Story with Dr. Sumaiya Shaikh and Arjun Siddhartha. The book educated its readers on how to identify the main drivers of fabricated news stories.
    India misinformed true story

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