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Ravi Khanna's wife with his picture

Ravi Khanna was an Indian Air Force Squadron Leader who was shot down on 25 January 1990 by a group led by Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Yasin Malik in Srinagar. Ravi Khanna’s name came into limelight in 2022 when his widow Nirmal Khanna approached the court on 12 March 2022, appealing to remove or modify the scenes from the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ which depicted the murder of her husband. went. He claimed that the scenes depicted in the film were contrary to the actual facts.

A scene from the movie The Kashmir Files - the man playing Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna

A still from the film The Kashmir Files – the man playing Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna


Ravi Khanna was born in 1952 (age 38 years; at the time of death,

Physical Appearance

Hair Color: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Ravi Khanna's wife with his photo


parents and siblings

His parents died soon after the murder of Ravi Khanna in 1990. In 2019, in a conversation with a media house, his wife Nirmal Khanna said that Yasin Malik ruined the lives of his family members. He said,

Yasin Malik killed not only my husband but also my mother-in-law, father-in-law and my mother. Both my children lost their childhood. In an instant, our happiness was snatched away. This terrorist has turned our world upside down.”

wife and children

Ravi Khanna was married to Nirmal Khanna. He is a retired Master Grade Teacher with the Department of Education in Jammu and Kashmir. The couple has two children, a boy and a girl.

fateful day

In 2019, Ravi Khanna’s wife Nirmal Khanna recalled the day on 25 January 1990 when her husband had gone to office and was murdered. Yasin Malik Amid curfew in Jammu and Kashmir. he remembered,

I lived in Rawalpora and our house was just 50 yards away from the crime scene. Amidst the curfew, I heard the sound of firecrackers that morning. Finally I went to the terrace and saw some army vehicles and men in uniform. I went there to see what really happened and saw my husband’s briefcase with bullet marks on it. I realized something was wrong.”

He said that when she reached the place of murder, Ravi Khanna’s body was lying in a pool of blood. He said,

At a distance I saw my husband lying in a pool of blood. I saw that he was shot in the stomach. Initially, I felt embarrassed thinking how our borders would be protected if my husband didn’t get hit by a single bullet.

Reportedly, Ravi Khanna was shot 27 times with an AK-47 assault rifle. He was taken to Badami Bagh Cantonment Hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead. Doctors told that the terrorists had emptied an entire magazine on Ravi Khanna’s back. According to some media sources, there was a scuffle between Ravi Khanna and Yasin Malik, after which Ravi Khanna was murdered. Ravi Khanna’s fellow Flight Lieutenant BR Sharma, who was with him at the time, told Nirmal Khanna that the main culprit was Yasin Malik. In a conversation with a media house, Nirmal Khanna said that BR Sharma told him that Ravi was decently showing the attackers the way to Nattipora and Yasin Malik first fired at Ravi Khanna. She kept saying that Yasin Malik emptied the entire magazine on Ravi Khanna’s back. He said,

He told me that Malik was leading the attackers and had asked my husband for directions to Nattipora. Ravi was instructing him in a friendly manner when Malik shot his first shot in the stomach. After the scuffle, Malik emptied an entire magazine on my husband’s back.

Accusations on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

Later, Ravi Khanna’s wife Nirmal Khanna told a media house that she was surprised when, in February 2006, Manmohan Singh shook hands with Yasin Malik And gave a terrorist a national platform. She said she felt humiliated. He said,

I didn’t expect him to join hands with any terrorist. As PM, he should have known the difference between right and wrong. When Manmohan Singh shook hands with Malik, I felt the utter humiliation of my husband’s supreme sacrifice. It was as if the whole world had made fun of me but then they were talking to them to run the agenda of Kashmir.

Yasin Malik shaking hands with Manmohan Singh

Yasin Malik shaking hands with Manmohan Singh


On 25 January 1990, Ravi Khanna was shot dead in Srinagar by Yasin Malik, chief of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF).

Facts / Trivia

  • Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna’s son and daughter were eight and six years old respectively when he was killed. Soon after the murder of Ravi Khanna, his mother, father and mother-in-law passed away. His wife, Nirmal Khanna, was thirty-eight years old when he died.
  • Reportedly, Ravi Khanna was killed along with three other IAF personnel in the attack on 25 January 1990. The names of those three IAF personnel are Corporal DB Singh, Corporal Uday Shankar and Airman Azad Ahmed. Ravi Khanna’s name was placed at the war memorial in New Delhi in October 2019, which had earlier been erroneously left behind. The issue was raised by Ravi Khanna’s wife in September 2019. An officer said,

    His name was already there. Somewhere by mistake the name of Squadron Leader Khanna was not there.

  • Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Yasin Malik He is the prime accused in the killing of four IAF personnel including Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna on 25 January 1990. On 31 August 1990, Yasin Malik was detained by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) before the TADA court in Jammu for murder. The latter of four IAF personnel, Yasin Malik, was put in Tihar Jail by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on terror funding charges.
  • The wife of Squadron Leader Ravi Khanna told the media that she fought in court to get widow pension. she added,

    I have been denied war widow’s pension for a long time. Now, I am accepted as the daughter of India. I had to fight for war widow pension for a long time. But as a good citizen we should first know our duties and then take our rights.”

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