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Date of Birth: 20/05/1982

Age: 40 Years

Education: B.Tech (Metallurgy)

Rinku Rahi

Rinku Singh Rahi

Some lesser known facts about Rinku Rahi

  • Rinku Rahi is an Indian whistleblower and a civil servant, currently serving as a Provincial Civil Service (PCS) officer of UP. He is best known for unearthing the Muzaffarnagar Welfare Department scam of Rs 83 crore in 2009. In her 16th attempt, Rinku Rahi secured an All India Rank of 683 in the UPSC 2021 examinations.
  • Rinku Rahi comes from a lower-middle-class family. Therefore, his father could not afford his education in a convent school, and he had to complete his schooling in a government school. In an interview, Rinku claimed,

    My father was good in studies but had to drop out to take care of the family. I have grown up listening to these stories of exploitation and think that if the government officials were honest then we could have got the benefits of many schemes. That’s what always propelled me forward.”

  • Rinku Rahi was a brilliant student since childhood. He was offered a scholarship to get good marks in class 12th.
  • Rinku Rahi completed her graduation in 2002. In 2004, Rinku cleared the UPPSC exam in her first attempt.
  • Rinku Rahi was given her first posting as District Social Welfare Officer (DSWO) in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh in 2008.
  • In 2008, while conducting an audit as a DSWO, Rinku Rahi found several discrepancies in the distribution and allocation of funds under several social schemes implemented by the Social Welfare Department of Muzaffarnagar.
  • While probing, Rinku found that the department not only openly flouted the norms set by the Uttar Pradesh government to hold annual meetings with the elected MPs or MLAs of Muzaffarnagar, but also misappropriated funds allocated for its benefits. BPL families
  • In the same year he exposed another scam in old age pension scheme. Rinku observed that the department had mentioned 62,447 pensioners in its official records, while in fact the department had given an annual pension of Rs 3,600 to only 47,707 pensioners.
  • Uncovering another scam in 2008, Rinku found that the department had mentioned in its accounting book that it had distributed Rs 5.5 crore among 22,000 OBC students and Rs 11 crore among BPL families of Muzaffarnagar. Audit revealed that the Department had made false entries in its records.
  • In 2009, days before Rinku Rahi was attacked, she lodged a complaint with District Magistrate (DM) Bhuvnesh Kumar about discrepancies found during the department’s audit.
  • On the morning of 26 March 2009, Rinku Rahi was playing badminton in her residential premises when some armed men attacked Rinku and fired several rounds. Rinku suffered seven injuries and was seriously injured. Three bullets were fired in his face. Another bullet hit the back of his skull and went through his right eye. As a result of the fatal attack, he was blinded in the right eye and his hearing was severely affected. In an interview, Rinku said,

    It was a difficult task with the mafia and touts interested in the schemes of the Social Welfare Department. They were accompanied by my office staff, including an accountant, and when I refused to walk the line, I was fired while playing badminton at my residence in Muzaffarnagar. When I was being harassed, I was not fighting the system but the system was fighting me. I stayed in the hospital for four months. My leave on medical has not been approved yet.”

    Rinku Rahi hospitalized after the attack

    Rinku Rahi hospitalized after the attack

  • After the attack, the police registered an FIR against the attackers and arrested nine conspirators, including Ashok Kashyap, assistant accountant in the welfare department and Mukesh Chaudhary, leader of the Samajwadi Party.
  • After recovering from his injuries in 2009, Rinku applied for an RTI and sought data regarding the distribution of wealth from 2006 to 2009. However, the response she received from the Central Information Commission (CIC) was not satisfactory and Rinku decided to organize one. Protests in front of the Legislative Assembly in Lucknow, with a demand that the CIC should answer all their questions. In an interview, Rinku said,

    I wanted to know where the unused money went. To know the details, I had filed an application seeking details under the RTI Act. I have also asked for details about the beneficiaries but did not get the complete details. I also appealed against it.”

  • In 2010, Rinku Rahi was posted as District Social Welfare Officer in Bhadohi.
  • In 2012, Rinku Rahi once again protested against the inaction of the UP government in cracking down on the culprits of the 2009 Muzaffarnagar scam.
  • In 2012, after the UP government failed to persuade Rinku to stop their protest, the UP Police ordered Rinku to be arrested and admitted to a psychiatric ward. In an interview he said,

    I was attacked under Mayawati’s regime and sent to psychiatry department during Akhilesh’s rule because I spoke against corruption and corrupt practices. I presented the facts of the scam to the senior officers of the department, but none of them cooperated. The information sought under the Right to Information Act was not even given.

  • On 25 March 2012, Rinku along with a social worker participated in a one-day hunger strike. Anna Hazare And also gave a speech at Jantar Mantar.
  • On 26 March 2012, the CIC responded by answering only two out of their five questions. Thus, Rinku, once again, went on a hunger strike in Lucknow, demanding the CIC answer all his queries, which were listed in his RTI.
    A 2012 newspaper cutout informs about Rinku Rahi's hunger strike in Lucknow

    A 2012 newspaper cutout informs about Rinku Rahi’s hunger strike in Lucknow

  • In 2012, Rinku Rahi was posted to Shravasti, Lalitpur and then Hapur. From Hapur in 2012, he was eventually posted to his hometown in Aligarh as the Director of the IAS PCS Pre-Examination Coaching Center run by the UP government in Madrak. Under his leadership, many aspirants successfully qualified the UPSC exam.
    Cutout of a newspaper giving information about students selected from IAS PCS Pre-Examination Coaching Centre, Madrak

    Cutout of a newspaper giving information about students selected from IAS PCS Pre-Examination Coaching Centre, Madrak

  • In 2012, upon relocating and relocating to Aligarh, the Samajwadi Party-led UP government received criticism from Arvind Kejriwal, who was at the time with Anna Hazare, who was participating in the anti-corruption movement. Arvind Kejriwal Accused the UP government of corruption, murder and assault.
  • After making a full recovery in 2009, Rinku Rahi was threatened several times. While giving an interview, he said,

    After the attack I was sent to an unimportant place. I would have been killed because they still threatened me with dire consequences but the government has not taken any action against them till date. Every year, with the connivance of the babus in the department, Rs 35 to 40 crore are duped and those protesting are either thrown out or intimidated.

  • In an interview, Rinku Rahi said that he used to give tuition to candidates for twenty hours and it was his students who insisted that they should appear for UPSC exams.
  • Rinku Rahi believes in pursuing her duty to the people as a priority even above her family.
  • Rinku was offered bribes several times during his service. During an interview he said,

    It’s not that temptation hasn’t knocked on my door. But I knew that if I ever indulged in nefarious activities, someone else and their child might suffer. ,

  • Rinku Rahi believes that she has learned to handle the threat on her life better. Now he posts all the evidence he has on his social media accounts. Giving an interview, Rinku said,

    I have also learned how to handle these issues better. I had all the proofs of the scam at the time of the attack. So my death would have destroyed all the evidence. But now I do my observations very transparently and post them on social media.”

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